Hits and Misses: Activewear Brands I Tried in 2015

Last year I tried a lot of new activewear brands. I love that there are so many brands out there, giving us so many options with styles and price points. I wanted to share the brands I loved and my favorite pieces and reviews from 2015. I did other reviews in 2014, so just search in the top left search bar if you want to find more reviews. I'm also sharing those that were a miss for me, but remember that what works for one person may not work for another. Just because I didn't love something doesn't mean it's not a good brand--it's just not a good brand for me.

My Requirements

Here's what I'm looking for in my activewear and what I use to judge what I buy.

Hits of 2015

I loved these brands! They met some or all of my requirements, and they just make me happy.


As I've said before, Michi was my best activewear discovery last year. The edgy, vampy, sexy style is unique, the fit is extremely flattering, the fabric is quick-drying and high-quality, and the waistband stays put on runs. I haven't washed my pieces too much, so I'll see how they stand up to time. I haven't had to return anything, so I can't speak to customer service.

Favorite: Um, everything! If I had to pick, though, it would be the Hydra Crop Leggings and Venom Tank.

My Reviews:
MICHI Hydra Crop Leggings, Antigravity Bra & Venom Tank
Performance Review: Running in MICHI Crops 
Michi Vyper Crop, Stardust Crop & Kitana Bra


The fabric, style, and attention to detail have made me fall in love with Alala, even though some of their pieces don't work for my body type. I love Alala most for casual wear. I also like their customer service orientation through their collaboration with the Agent Athletica blog (they offer her readers a permanent discount and did a giveaway).

Favorite: Again, I loved everything! If I had to pick, it would be the Long Sleeve Mesh Tee.

My Reviews:
Alala Weekender Dress
Alala Shadow Dolman Hoodie
Alala Toughie Tank and Clutch Tank
Alala Pewter The Cut Bra & Long Sleeve Mesh Tee


I haven't tried any bottoms, but the four tops I have from Splits59 I really love. The fabric is ultra soft and lucious, and the style is unique.

Favorite: Geez, I guess I can't keep saying everything! I'll go with the Devon Tanks since I wore them the most.
My Reviews:

Splits59 Olivia Matrix Top
Splits59 Alana Drape Cross Back Tank/Performance Singlette
Splits59 Devon Tank

Beyond Yoga

The fabric of the Beyond Yoga leggings is incredibly soft, and I love the details like ruching on the calves.

Favorite: Shimmer Essential Long Legging

My Reviews:
Beyond Yoga Essential Gathered Leggings
Beyond Yoga Shimmer Essential Long Leggings


For bargain activewear, Fabletics is great. Many of their designs are really cute, and some of their leggings are just as good as much pricier brands. Quality can be a bit hit-or-miss. I have one pair of leggings with unraveling seams, but the same kind of leggings in another color have held up very well. Returns and exchanges are free and easy, and customer rewards include earning points for purchases and posting reviews that can be redeemed for future purchases.

Favoites: Black Slub Salar Capri

My Reviews:
Salar Crops, Malinda Bra, Charlotte Tee, Tropez Bra, Taylor Tank II
Weston Pullover & Spacedye Salar Capri
Katana Longsleeve Top, Salar Capri in Black Slub, Lexi Capri


Okay, I'm basing this off a single tank, but I love the tank! The fabric of my Yogini Tank is so soft, and I love the flowy style. Plus, I love that Glyder supports animal rescue with this tank. Glyder doesn't have a ton of offerings so nothing else has caught my eye recently, but I'd be interested in trying other pieces.

My Review:
Yogini Tank


The two tops I have from Albion I wear a lot. They were a very good low-cost investment. Albion also doesn't have a lot of products, but I'll keep my eye out for more things to try. I will say that one of the tops has some unraveling seams at the hem that I need to stitch, but I'm hoping that's a one-off and doesn't speak to overall durability since the other top is holding up well.

My Review:
Albion Go Long Crew

Skirt Sports

I bought one running skirt from Skirt Sports last year and ran in it a lot. While it doesn't have as many pockets as Lululemon's running skirts, the two that it does have on the legs of the shorts are big, and there's a media slit near one of the pockets for media cords. If you don't like gummy grips on leg hems, these skirts are a good option because they don't have any. While I found the legs would initially ride up about a half-inch in very hot weather when I got sweaty, they stayed put after that and I never had to adjust the legs. The fabric is very lightweight and quick drying. I wore my skirt for a very hot half marathon last year, and it was comfortable. I would probably not buy another, though, but only because most of the prints are not my style.

My Review:
Performance Review: Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt


The fabric and drape of the single tank I bought from Onzie was enough to land them in my "hits" column. I look forward to trying more!

My Review:
Onzie Glossy Flow Racerback Tank


While I love trying new brands, Lululemon is still my go-to for functional, stylish running clothes. Their fabrics keep me the coolest in summer and the warmest in winter, and the constant offerings of fresh new styles and colors each week means there's always something cute that I love. In addition to running gear, I also love their bags, which are stylish, functional, and made of synthetic materials (which is important to me as a vegan). While their casual pieces are also cute and stylish, I've found so many good alternatives for casual wear that I don't usually buy Lulu's casual pieces any more.

Favorites from 2015:
What the Sport Singlet & Hit Your Stride Skirt

Misses of 2015

Again, I can't emphasize enough that these brands didn't work for me--it doesn't mean they're not good brands. In some cases it can seem unfair that I'm basing a miss on only trying one thing. After all, I've tried things from Alala and Lululemon I haven't liked. But there are other reasons I won't buy from these companies again, which I list.


I debated which category to put Athleta in. I considered putting it in the "hits" category because they have the best customer service, with the ability to return anything anytime for any reason, and because of their generous sales and rewards program. But in 2015 at least, they were a miss for me. I really like their Relay line of run bottoms, which has a unique, flattering knit fabric, and have crops and skirts that are several years old. But they scaled back on that line and only currently offer a single pair of run tights in that fabric. I also used to love their running skirts, many of which were offered in a tall length and had mesh shorts that were great for summer runs. But they also scaled back on those. I do like their Chi line of tanks and tops, but several of the Chi Tanks I wore for running have some pilling. I only bought a single thing for running in 2015--a pair of the Be Free Knickers I like in another color. Everything else I tried I returned. I also used to love Athleta for casual wear. I still have many pieces from several years ago I wear a lot for casual wear. But again, every piece I tried I didn't like except for the Cozy Karma Hoodie and the Pose Wrap. I'll keep an eye on Athleta, but they just aren't putting out things I want right now.

No reviews in 2015.

Lorna Jane

I have two tanks and bras from 2014 that I really like, but when I placed a big order last year, nothing worked for me. The sizing of the tops I ordered was all over the place, and nothing looked the same. The main reason they're in my "miss" list, though, is that all sale items are final. If the clothes fit more consistently, this might not be a problem. But considering the inconsistency of fit in the same size, it's a huge gamble to try their clothes and the reason I won't be buying from them again unless it's through a retailer like Nordstrom where I can return the items.

My Review:
Krissi Excel Tank, Silvie Excel Tank, Maddox Casual Tank


I so want to love Oiselle. The company was founded by a woman runner, all the gear is for running, and the styles are cute. But I have had to return most of what I bought because it just didn't fit me right. Plus, the Lesley Tight, which I was gifted because they had a problem with my order, got significant pilling after just a few wears. Because neither shipping nor returns are free, I won't be trying these pieces again.

My Reviews:
Long Roga Short (buried at the bottom of this post)

Crane & Lion

I was drawn to the beautiful styles and colors of this new brand, but I didn't like the fit or fabric of the pieces.

My Review:
Fit Review: Crane & Lion Original Tights, Sports Bra, Long Sleeve Tee


I only tried one thing--a pair of running tights-- but the poor quality has forever scared me off.

My Review:
SOLOW Side Zip Running Pant

Trina Turk

While I like the colorful designs of Trina Turk, the prints really aren't my style. I tried a tank in a neutral and didn't like the fit or fabric.

My Review:
Recreation Draped Jersey Tank

Sweaty Betty

I was very underwhelmed with a run legging I bought. I'd be interested in trying tops, but everything sells out quickly, and I'm not willing to pay the high prices to get the cute colors and prints before they sell out. Plus, I think the styles are cute but not really for me.

My Review:
Sweaty Betty Lateral Run Legging

What were your hits and misses from last year? What brand do I absolutely have to try next?

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