Performance Review: Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt

I've been wanting to try a running skirt from Skirt Sports because I've heard such good things about them. In all my searches, I found mostly all glowing, positive reviews. The only negative review I read mentioned scratchy seams. I finally bought my first skirt and am happy to report that it lives up to its good reputation!

I bought the Gym Girl Ultra Skirt with Drawcord in Streak--a black skirt with white stripes. It's 13.5 inches in front and 14.5 inches in back with a 5-inch inseam.
Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt with Drawcord in Streak

I ordered a medium after Deborah, a Skirt Sports ambassador, gave me some tips on sizing (in her opinion a size 4 in Lululemon was a small in Skirt Sports). I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. It was so comfortable! It wasn't tight anywhere, either in the compression shorts or waistband. The skirt I got does have a drawcord, which I like since sometimes bottoms can fit in the legs and hips but be loose in the waist on me. The length was perfect--not too short and not too long. The fabric was very lightweight, and it felt like I didn't have anything on. The built-in shorts did not have a rubber grip at the hem.

This skirt has two pockets, both on the outside of the built-in shorts. There is a slit on each side of the skirt to easily access the pockets.
Side of the skirt with slit not very obvious
Side of the skirt showing the slit
 There is a media hole on the right to wind a cord from the shorts to the outside of the skirt.
Close-up of fabric and showing the media hole

I wore the skirt on an 8-mile run on a very hot and sunny day. In all the reviews I'd read, no one reported the shorts in the skirt riding up. The Skirt Sports website says this about them: "Built-in, no-creep Shorties made from semi-compression mesh with 5” inseam. Perfect thigh placement, just below our natural chub." I was still worried that they'd ride up since they didn't feel very tight and they had no rubber grip at the bottom of the shorts (all my other running skirts have the grippy hem). But they did not ride up, except for a tiny bit at the very end. I was sweating heavily because it was so hot, and at the very end of the run they rode up very slightly. I probably didn't even need to adjust them, but I was checking to see whether they rode up and saw that they had slightly. But other than that one time, they stayed in place the whole run. Also, the built-in shorts come past the part of my legs that rub together, so I had no chafing. I also didn't think any seams were scratchy. The skirt was so lightweight and didn't feel heavy at all. It really felt like I wasn't wearing anything!

I stored my keys and a gel in one pocket and my media player in the other. With the slits in the skirt, it was super easy to get my gel and fiddle with my media player.
Showing how easy it is to reach through the slit and into the pocket
on the side of the short

Company, Ordering, and Cost
Skirt Sports was created by professional triathlete Nichole DeBoom. Their website says, "Today, Skirt Sports remains the only women's running apparel brand offering a full-line of products and range of events to support and motivate women in meeting their running goals, with a supportive community to help get us together."
Skirt Sports logo on the front bottom left of the skirt

Skirts Sports has an ambassador program, and I'd mainly heard about them through ambassador Deborah of Confessions of a Mother Runner

The skirt I ordered costs $68, but Deborah offered me a discount code to try it out. You know my view on workout clothes: If it's high quality, has good functionality, and will last, I'll invest in it. Time will tell how this skirt holds up to frequent washings, but it's definitely high quality and has great functionality. You can, however, find discounted skirts in Skirt Sports' sale section and at other sites like and Amazon. There are also many other styles of skirts in different lengths and with built-in shorties of difference lengths.

There is a flat shipping rate of $5.99, and returns and exchanges are free. The ordering process was simple, and there's a helpful map to show when you can expect your package. Mine came in four business days, as promised.

The Bottom Line
Two big thumbs up! I loved running in this skirt and plan to wear it for my next half marathon. The shorts (mostly) don't ride up, I had no chafing, and the pockets were really great. They are so comfortable that I'd also wear them for general activities and not just running. I do wish that there was a back zippered pocket to hold my keys, but that's my only criticism. I will definitely buy more of these skirts!

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