Fabletics Review: Weston Pullover & Spacedye Salar Capri

I skipped ordering anything from Fabletics in January, but the February outfit I ordered is my favorite Fabletics outfit so far!

I got the North Shore outfit, which comes with the Weston Pullover and Spacedye Salar Capri, for $59.95. I really wanted the pullover, but since Fabletics’ tights and capris have been hit-or-miss for me, I figured there was a good chance I’d return the capris. I was surprised that I love them both!
Fabletics North Shore outfit with Black Weston Pullover
and Blue Spacedye Salar Capris

The Weston Pullover is a substantial weight top with mesh at the top, a cut-out in back, and thumbholes. The weights of Fabletics’ tops are usually very light, so I was pleasantly surprised that this pullover was a thicker weight. It feels like a thick terry/jersey type of fabric though isn’t soft or cozy, but for the price I wasn’t expecting a plush fabric. The top is slightly loose (I ordered a size small), and there is an elastic band at the bottom. The mesh is a larger mesh. The mesh and the back really make this top. I think it’s really cute and great for showing off cute bras. Mesh is a big trend right now, so this is a really affordable option for a very cute style. The only thing I didn't like about it is that the back gaps a bit from the side view. I ordered the top in black, but it also comes in grey. Worth $30? Definitely!
Weston Pullover (small): front
Weston Pullover: back
Weston Pullover: side
(Note gap below cutout)

I have had both fit problems and issues with the fabric on some of the Fabletics tights and capris. (See my last review comparing the different fabrics.) The spacedye Salar Capri that came with this outfit is a hit on both counts. The capri comes in four colors—cobalt blue, black and white, coral, and neon yellow. Because black, white, and grey are my standard neutrals, I ordered it in black. The fabric is on the thin side but very soft and stretchy. They are opaque in a bend test. I ordered a size small (I wear 6 in tights and capris at Lululemon and small at Athleta), and they fit great. They may just be a very teeny tiny bit on the small side, as the bottom hems were pretty tight on my calves. But overall they fit very nicely and are nicely compressive but still very comfortable. I also really liked the spacedye fabric. It has shades of black, white, and grey, so I’ll be able to pair it with most of my fitness wardrobe. I wore these for a strength training session. They stayed put during squats and bends; I didn’t have to adjust them at all. And there was no problem with sweat showing. The quality and fit of these capris make these one of my favorite Fabletics bottoms. So for $30, these are a really great value.
Close-up of black Spacedye Salar Capri

Black Spacedye Salar Capri (small): front
Black Spacedye Salar Capri: side

Overall, February was a huge win! Can’t wait to see what comes out next month.

Did you order anything? If you're not already a member, you can get your first outfit for just $25, and you can cancel at any time.  If you do decide to try Fabletics, I'd appreciate if you used my referral link.

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