Review: Alala Pewter The Cut Bra & Long Sleeve Mesh Tee

While I love Alala's recent release of pewter colored pieces, I know the crops just aren't for me. So when Bloomingdale's had a great deal on Alala, I couldn't resist trying the pewter The Cut Bra. I thought it would look great under mesh and open-back tops. I ordered a size medium and got it for $43.99 (originally $75).

I loved the bra when I pulled it out. The pewter color is just gorgeous in real life. The front and straps of the bra are solid fabric, and the sides are mesh. There are no slots for bra cups.

Unfortunately, it was too big. I was surprised because I'm pretty much always a medium in bras. The band was very comfortable and wasn't loose, but the cups and straps were loose. You can't see well in my photos, but if I were to bend down I'd be giving everyone a show. Still, I considered keeping it and just not bending down. Ha. But then I read a blog comment where someone felt like a robot in the crops, and I couldn't get that image out of my mind. I was worried I'd look like C-3PO. Plus, I wasn't sure how much use I'd get out of a too-big, metallic bra, other than dancing around in my house. And, it's hand-wash only. Sigh. I'm sad to let it go, but I'll be returning it.

I also ordered Alala's black Long Sleeve Mesh Tee when it went on sale at Revolve. I ordered a medium for $33 (originally $85 and currently on sale for $47 at Revolve). I wear a medium in my two other Alala tops (Weekender Dress and Shadow Dolman Hoodie).

I haven't made a favorites list from 2015 yet, but this would definitely be on it! The style is edgy, sexy, and sophisticated. It looks great with leggings and jeans. The mesh is very soft and feels good on. There are two layers of mesh on the body--a thin mesh base layer and a larger mesh second layer. The same thin mesh base layer is used on the arms. Because there are two layers of mesh, you can see through it only very subtly. You really have to look. The only way I was able to show that it's see through is by using the flash on my camera in photos. I wore this top for New Year's Eve and think it's great for a night out. But I also plan on wearing it when I don't just want to wear a tank in the summer.

With Michi Antigravity Bra underneath.
With Alala Pewter The Cut Bra underneath.

As for the fit, the base layer of mesh fits pretty tightly and is snug on my hips. But the outer layer is loose and flowy. The result is perfect--it's not skin tight, but not too loose either.
Showing the layers.

If you can find this in your size, buy it! I would actually have paid full price for this because I love it so much.

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