Lululemon Boxing Day Haul

I took advantage of Christmas sales and got new activewear from Lululemon, Michi, and Alala. Tomorrow starts a spending ban for all of January, so these will be my last purchases for a while. I should be able to post my Michi and Alala reviews next week. Here's what I got from Lululemon.

While Lulu marks items down each week on their website, their big mark-down of the year is the day after Christmas, Boxing Day. This year there was lots I wanted. I originally had 11 items in my shopping cart! I spent a good hour whittling down before setting on four things.

Forage Teal Denim Wunder Under Pant III
The majority of my tights are black, grey, purple, plum, and red, so when these tights were first released I really wanted them. I love the color and don't have full-length tights in a similar color. When I saw these marked down for $34 less, they were a no-brainer. My mistake was not doing a search for the color. I would have seen these are the denim luon fabric, not regular luon. The website didn't note the difference. I've never tried the denim fabric before, and the fabric and fit is completely different. The fabric is stiffer, but not scratchy, much sturdier, and not soft and comfy like regular luon. While regular Wunder Unders aren't compressive, the denim is extremely compressive. I ordered my regular size 6, which was a mistake. The denim fabric seems a whole size smaller, so I should have ordered an 8. But, they were final sale, so I'm stuck with them. I had trouble even getting these over my heels and had to peel them on like pantyhose. But, after I shoved my butt into them, I actually liked them. Compressive is slimming, and having a slimming pair of tights in my wardrobe isn't a bad thing. I also suspected that a size 8 would have been too loose in the waist, since most size 8 Lulu tights are, and the waist of these denim WUPs fit well. I wore them all day yesterday and, while not as soft and cozy as regular WUPs, I didn't find them uncomfortable at all for being too small. These are still available in all sizes, so if you order them, size up unless you have major problems with the waist being too loose.
Forage Teal Denim Wunder Under Pants, size 6
The inside of the pant, showing the denim fabric.

Vintage Green Scuba Hoodie II
I only just bought my first Scuba Hoodie this fall, and then almost immediately bought a second one. I can't believe I never tried this hoodie before! I think I've worn my Scubas every cool day since I got them. They've taken the place of a winter jacket in this mild weather we've had so far, but they even kept me warm on days where the temps hovered just below freezing. I wear them on all of my cold-morning dog walks, on walks throughout the day, and even to work when I wear jeans. I tried the Scuba Hoodie III when it was released and don't like the relaxed fit as much as I like the more fitted style of the II, which is more flattering on my figure. I considered buying the vintage green at full price but because all sizes were available when I checked, I hoped it would be marked down. While the markdown was only $19 less than full price and not a great price, I ordered it because it was one of the things I really wanted. I really like the green color. The only difference in the fit compared to my other Scubas is that the arms are a touch longer, which I like. I'm very happy I got another Scuba, because it doesn't seem they'll be making the II version any more.
Vintage Green Scuba Hoodie II, size 8

Space Dye Camo Tender Violet Black Grape Speed Tight IV
I was thrilled when I saw Speed Tights marked down in this color, because it's one I had my eye on but didn't want to pay full price for. These were marked down $29. Not only did I like the color, but I also wanted another pair of regular-weight Speed Tights. I have only one other pair of non-mesh, regular-weight Speed Tights (in heathered slate), and I've been wearing them constantly because they're great in milder temps like we've been having. I have Speed Tights in I, II, and III versions, so this was my first in the IV version. I found the IV version much longer than all my other Speed Tights, but I don't mind the extra fabric because it just scrunches at the bottom and isn't a big deal. But, these fit different than my other Speed Tights in that they are the least compressive of all the Speed Tights I have. Again, I'm stuck with them and will still wear them because I like the color and will get a lot of use out of the regular weight, but I wish they were as compressive as my other Speed Tights! Sometimes the inconsistent fit of Lulu items drives me crazy. These are still available in most sizes.

Mini Check Pique White Heathered/Black Run with Me Toque
I'm not sure why this run hat was in the markdowns this year, because it was released last year and not this one. I'm not complaining, though, because it's my favorite hat. I have two from last year, in heathered slate and ultra violet, and I wore them constantly for both running and casual wear last winter. I was happy to pick up a third in black! This is no longer available.
Space Dye Camo Tender Violet Black Grape Speed Tight IV
Mini Check Pique White Heathered/Black Run with Me Toque

Did you get anything?

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