Review: Alala Toughie Tank and Clutch Tank

Get ready for some fit reviews from my Black Friday haul! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm returning more than I'm keeping. First up is Alala.

I really liked the Weekender Dress and Shadow Dolman Hoodie from Alala so was excited to find some good deals on Revolve on Black Friday to try a few more things. Unfortunately, neither worked and I'll be returning them.

Toughie Tank
I ordered the Toughie Tank in red in medium, which is the size of my other two Alala pieces. Originally $80, I got it for $38.

My first thought when I took it out of the package was that it was enormous. It's long and has a straight fit. Sure enough, it looked like a sack on me, with the bottom being slightly fitted on my hips. It just wasn't flattering. It's a shame because I really loved the tank otherwise. The fabric is soft and drapey, and I love the mesh accent at the bottom hem, which you can't really see in product photos. The only thing I didn't love is that the tank comes up pretty high in the armpit area. It's not uncomfortable, but I actually noticed it and I don't usually notice that in tanks. I think it would work equally well as a casual top with skinnies as it would for workouts. I would say this is best for those with straight figures and/or those without really big hips, but someone posted a comment saying her figure is the same as mine and she loves this tank. Maybe I just have bigger hips, and that's why it doesn't work on me? At any rate, I'm sad this didn't work for me.
Alala Toughie Tank, size medium

Clutch Tank
I ordered the Clutch Tank in dark camo in medium. It was originally $75, and I got it for $31.

The color is a pretty dark grey with hints of purple. I'm not a big camo fan, but this looked more liked cheetah than camo to me. I really liked the pattern and color. The mesh details really make this tank special. The fabric is slick-feeling and pretty substantial. I won't say it's thick, but it definitely has some weight. It also feels a bit structured--not drapey like Toughie Tank. It runs on the small side. It was pretty fitted on me.

The main downside to this tank is that the fabric is all up in my armpits' grille. And because there is a big lump where the seams come together right at the armpit, this tank just screamed "chafe city" to me. It was very uncomfortable on the inside of my arms even for the few minutes I tried it on. There's no way I could wear this without using a lot of Body Glide.

The other downside was the fabric. I don't think it would be good in hot weather, and it's just not comfortable enough for me to wear as a base layer. I actually thought the best way to wear this was casually, and I considered keeping it for that reason. But I really don't need another casual-wear-only tank, especially in December. So, back this goes.
Alala Clutch Tank, medium

Here you can see how close it is on my armpits.
I don't think a bra with criss-cross straps looks good with the mesh in the tank.

Next up I'll be reviewing the Solow running tights and Splits59 tank I also got in my Revolve order. Spoiler alert is that I'm only keeping one.

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