Review: October Fabletics Salar Capri & Lexi Capri

There were a lot of things I liked in Fabletics' October outfits. I ended up getting two capris I really love.

I ordered the Caiman outfit, which comes with the Katana Longsleeve Top and Salar Capri in Black Slub.

I love the capris! They have just enough visual interest to separate them from standard black capris, without the print being too crazy for me. I ordered a size small, and they fit great. The fabric is cottony-feeling, thick, very soft and stretchy, and completely opaque. I have already worn them several times and really love them.
Salar Capri in Black Slub

Back view

The top didn't work out, though. The mesh on the arms and back is cute, but the fabric is extremely thick and heavy. If it's that cold that I need such a heavy top, I don't want it to have mesh. Also, I ordered a size medium, which is usually a loose fit for me at Fabletics, and the top was skin tight. I returned the top.
Katana Long Sleeve
Close up of mesh on Katana Long Sleeve

Because I liked the design so much, I also ordered the Lexi Capri.

OMG I LOVE THESE CAPRIS. The design is reminiscent of the very expensive Michi designs that I love, with swirling panels of two shades of grey. I always wear black and grey, so these will go with everything, and the I just love the design. The fabric is a knit like the Salar Capris but not as soft and stretchy. As a result, these were a bit tighter on me. I decided to keep them in small, though, because I know that the medium in Fabletics usually have waistbands that are too big for me.
Lexi Capri

Back of Lexi Capri is solid black except for the side swirl of grey at the hip.

I'm so happy to have two new pair of black crops that have enough visual interest to set them apart but still go with everything!

Did you order anything? Want to try Fabletics? You can get your first outfit for half off (usually just $25), and you can cancel at any time without penalty. So even if you just get the first outfit and cancel, it's a great deal. If you do decide to try Fabletics, I'd appreciate if you used my referral link.

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