Review: MICHI Hydra Crop Leggings, Antigravity Bra & Venom Tank

Ever since I saw activewear from MICHI earlier this year, I've been obsessed. The style is edgy, sexy, lingerie-esque, and vampy, which sets it apart from other activewear. But with such a high price point, I thought I'd always lust after it from afar. Thank you, Black Friday! MICHI was extremely generous with their Black Friday sales, so I was able to get three pieces to try. I am in love. Seriously. I regret not buying more, but since this was my first purchase and I wasn't sure about the fit and returns weren't free, I didn't want to buy too much.

(Sidenote: My dog insisted on being completely in the way of these photos, even though I kept trying to get him to get out of the way!)

Hydra Crop Legging in Shiraz Red
Suzanne from Agent Athletica reviewed a pair of MICHI crops and reported they run big, so I was confident ordering a size small. Originally $175, I got these for $94.50.

The Shiraz color is a very deep, vampy red that is really gorgeous. I don't have a color like it, and I certainly don't have any other crop in a style like these. MICHI is known for its mesh inserts and cut-outs, and these crops incorporate two different types of mesh--a small, tight mesh and a more open mesh. I think I may have started drooling when I saw the design in person. It's simply beautiful.

While Suzanne did not find her MICHI crops very compressive, mine felt decently compressive while also still being very comfortable. None of the seams where the mesh and fabric come together were bothersome, and everything was comfortable when I bent my legs and did a little test run. They were also very slimming and flattering. I found the fit of the small overall to be comparable to a Lululemon 6 or Athleta small.
MICHI Hydra Crop Leggings, Shiraz Red, size small

The waistband is very different from other crops and leggings I've tried in that it's essentially a wide, but comfortable, elastic waistband. The waistband was pretty tight but not uncomfortably so. I actually really loved it because waistbands can be a little loose on my small waist and can slide down. Not these crops! I'm confident I'd be able to run in these, because that waistband isn't going anywhere! Those with small waists or a problem with waistbands falling down will like these, but for those with larger waists, it might be more comfortable to size up. Also, the waistband came very high on me--above my belly button.

These crops were surprisingly long on me. I'm 5'7", and these came down to almost my ankles.

I could tell that these are very high quality. The seams are wide, and the stitching is beautiful. If you've ever sewed, you know how difficult it is to get clean, straight seams on a curved pattern. The craftsmanship is really top-notch.

The fabric is also a very nice quality. It's not a knit fabric like Lulu's Luon, but it's also not super slick like some of Lulu's Luxtreme can be. It's pretty perfect, actually, because pet hair doesn't stick to it, but it's not overly slick. I really like the fabric, and it was completely opaque.

My only complaints on these crops are minor. I always appreciate at least a small key pocket in the waistband, but there are no pockets on these crops. Also, MICHI's tag is just a small fabric tag in the back. It's not bad at all, but I guess I was expecting something along the lines of Alala's gold plate tag given the high price point.

So, are these crops worth $175? I can understand the high price now seeing the challenges of constructing these with all the different fabrics and the curved patterns. I can tell they're very well made, the wide seams seem very durable, and the fabric is high quality. I'm not sure I'd pay full price for them, but it does seem like you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I'm looking forward to working out in these to find out how they perform. And, like I said, I definitely plan to run in these since I know the waistband won't budge.

Antigravity Bra
I had this bra in my cart in the same Shiraz color as the crops, but when I saw that the Magenta color was cheaper, I got that instead. I'm kicking myself for not getting the Shiraz bra too! I do like the Magenta color though. I ordered it in a size medium. Originally $85, I got it for $45.90.

I was surprised at both how comfortable and supportive it is. The medium fit very well--comparable to a Lulu Energy Bra in size 8. The band and straps were both very comfortable. In fact, this bra was so comfortable I could see wearing it all day. It felt very supportive on, but I didn't do a test jog to see if I could wear it running. It includes cups. It's a really beautiful bra, and I love the style.
MICHI Antigravity Bra, Magenta, size medium

The bra is a very slight push-up style, so you will see a little top cleavage. However, I thought it was pretty subtle.

My only hesitation is how durable the mesh will be, since to take off my bras I usually reach around and yank from the back. I put it on a few times, and it wasn't too hard to take off and the mesh felt pretty durable, so we'll see.

Comfortable, supportive, and stylish--again, pretty perfect. I love it and would definitely buy another in another color.

Venom Tank
I ordered this in Dark Grey Heather/Dark Magenta in a size small, since the website said it was loose-fitting. Originally $155, I got it for $61.20.

Well, I loved this tank too. I don't think the photos do it justice. The mesh cutouts are so interesting and flattering, and I love the combination of heather gray, magenta mesh, and black mesh. The main cutout in the front reveals most of your bra, but it's not super obvious. So you could make this tank look a little different depending on what bra you wear with it.
MICHI Venom Tank, Dark Grey Heather/Magenta, size small

The fit was body-skimming and just right--not too tight and not too loose. The armholes come really low, which I like.
Venom Tank with Antigravity Bra

The fabric is very lightweight and similar to the crops in that it's not knit, but I wouldn't call it slick either. Again, I really like the fabric.

I tried the tank on with the Antigravity Bra and really liked the look. The double layers of mesh in the bra and tank create a bit more coverage. I also tried it on with a Lulu Energy Bra. It was okay, but I do think the front of the bra needs to be a little special to be worn with this tank.

Venom Tank with Lulu Energy Bra

I think this tank would work equally well for a night out as it would for running or working out. I think it will be great for hot weather running.

If you follow my blog, you know I return a lot of activewear that I try because I really need to love something to keep it. It definitely says something about the MICHI brand that I loved all three pieces! In fact, they are all just about perfect in terms of fit, fabric, comfort, style, and quality. A very important note is that I can see these all being good for working out, so they aren't just a pretty design. Like I said, I'm really kicking myself for not buying more from the Black Friday sale. However, I still had a 25% off coupon from Revolve to use (on account of receiving a defective pair of tights in a previous order), so I actually ordered MICHI's Vyper Crop Legging. When I was looking for black crops to wear with the Venom Tank, I realized that I have only two pairs of black crops: Wunder Under Crops from Lulu, the very first thing I bought in 2011, and the Lulu Chase Me Crop for running from 2012. Yes, my only black crops are four and five years old! I decided it was time to upgrade, and I liked the somewhat basic style of the Vyper Crops with a touch of mesh on the calves. Next on my wish list is the Stardust Crops, and I'd also love to try one of the many beautiful bra styles. With my first purchase, MICHI has become one of my favorite activewear brands!

PS: Since Django really wanted to be in these pictures, I tried to give him his own photo shoot, and this is what happened.

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