Review: Lululemon Beat the Sleet Pants

Last month I bought the new Beat the Sleet Pants from Lululemon but have been debating whether to keep them. On the one hand, they're exactly what I've been looking for: a waterproof shell I can wear running, hiking, or walking the dog. The only other waterproof pants I own are a 12-year-old men's XL pair that I bought at a sporting goods store that look beyond ridiculous on me. On the other hand, they're expensive (surprise, surprise) and have a plain, boring design. They just look like plain black pants. Plus, there is a zipper on each thigh for venting that I thought looked silly and would never use.

They have stayed in my drawer, tags on, until this morning. It's a dark, gloomy, rainy day, with rain continuing all day. I don't love running in the rain, but I also don't have easy access to a treadmill, and the ones I can use shut off automatically at 30 minutes. I didn't want to skip my run, and with the Beat the Sleet Pants tag promising me I'd stay warm and dry, I couldn't resist anymore. I ripped the tags off, put them on, and headed out for my run. I loved them! I think they're worth the price, especially considering I can wear them hiking, walking the dog in the rain (I never carry an umbrella when walking him because it's too cumbersome), and would also wear them as a windproof layer on very cold days.

Black Beat the Sleet Pants
Heathered Plum Swiftly Long Sleeve
Pretty Purple All Sport Bra

Here's a breakdown of the fit and performance.


Shows how long the pants come on my shoes


Zippers on the side open for venting
Showing how the bottom can be snapped for a tighter fit


The Verdict
Worth the money! The functionality of the zippered vents work really well to prevent overheating, so these are great for running but look basic enough to wear hiking or walking the dog in the rain. They kept me dry and warm. Because they're so comfortable, I will also wear them as a windproof shell on really cold days.

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