Fabletics November Outfits and October Reviews

A new month is here, and that means new Fabletics outfits! I realize that I never posted my review of my October outfits, so I'll do that here.

Overall Review

I've been buying Fabletics for a few months now, and this what I think overall.

Quality is good given the price. The products I've tried are not on par with Lululemon, Oiselle, or Athleta. The Fabletics price is a fraction of the price of those other three, though. I would recommend it for these purposes:
In addition to the low price, you can earn rewards and take advantage of sales. You earn reward points every time you make a purchase and every time you review an item. Once you get 1,000 reward points, you get a free outfit. My points accumulated quickly, and I just got a free outfit this month. In addition, there are tees, bras, and tanks on sale for $10 and leggings for $20. You really can't beat that.

Products are cute and stylish. Again, there's no comparison to the high-end brands, but a lot of Fabletics products are pretty cute. I think that's why they also work really well for daily activewear and lounging.

November Outfits

Here's what I ordered! I got three tops and two bottoms for $71.90 since I had a free outfit credit from my rewards. That makes each piece less than $15. Seriously...you can't go wrong!

I could not decide between two outfits so got both since I got a free outfit. The first is the Gather outfit ($49.95), which includes the Loveland Hoodie and Salar Leggings. I have both of these and like them (see review below). I ordered the teal color in the hoodie and the charcoal leggings (both shown in the picture below).

I also ordered the Sight outfit ($49.95). This includes the Scoop Tee, which I have and review below, and sweatpants that I haven't tried yet. I plan to wear the sweatpants for layering over my run tights when it's cold, walking the dog, and lounging. I ordered the same colors as shown in this picture below.

I also ordered the Austin wrap separately for $31.95. Once you order an outfit, you can order other items separately without having to order the whole outfit. Now that the weather is cooler, I'm always layering, so I plan to wear this as another layer to keep warm. Plus, it's super cute!

October Outfit Reviews

Last month I ordered the Rework outfit.

It came with a Scoop Tee, Dunedin pant, and Infinity Scarf.

The Scoop Tee is fitted but not tight and was a little on the loose side. It shrank a bit when I washed it. I ordered size small. The photos show it before I washed it. The material is extremely lightweight, and it has no thumbholes. It's a good basic longsleeve, lightweight tee.

I got the Dunedin pant to wear over tights on cold mornings when I walk my dog. I ordered a size medium. They are very baggy but work well for layering. The fabric is more durable and thick than I'd have thought. They are still fairly lightweight and I wouldn't wear them alone in cold weather, but they are more substantial than Athleta's lightweight material they use in the city pants collection. The fabric is also great for not holding pet hair. There are two hidden side pockets.

This is the second infinity scarf I've ordered. I ordered black, which is actually half black and half dark grey. It's a very lightweight scarf, but I've been wearing it a lot on these fall days.

Hidden side pockets
Baggy waist, but it has a drawstring
I also ordered the Course outfit. (Where do they get these names?! Boring!)

It came with the Loveland Hoodie and Salar Legging. Sorry, I didn't take any photos of me in these yet.

I got a small in the Loveland Hoodie. It was loose at first but, as with the Scoop Tee, shrank a bit when I washed it (and air-dried). It is also extremely lightweight and would actually make a good summer hoodie. The hoodie lies flat, which is nice, and it has thumbholes. I've been wearing this a lot with a tank or longsleeve tee under, and it's just the right weight for cool weather.

As for the Salar Legging, well, we have a history! When I first tried them, I hated them. Then, last month,I realized that it was the stripe fabric I hated, not the actual legging. I had ordered Mulberry Stripe, which is a scratchy, less-stretchy fabric than the non-stripe colors. Last month, I got the black Salar Legging in small. They are much better than the stripe fabric! They are soft and stretchy. I had to size up to a medium in the Mulberry Stripe because they had no stretch, but with the black I went with a small and they fit great. They are a tad on the tight side but very compressive. I would say if you are in between sizes, size down because the next size up fits much bigger.

While I'm happy with both outfits, I particularly love the Salar Legging. I think it's definitely one of the best deals Fabletics has for a pretty decent tight that's so inexpensive.

Did you order anything? Want to try Fabletics? You can get your first outfit for just $25, and you can cancel at any time. So even if you just get the first outfit and cancel, it's a great deal. If you do decide to try Fabletics, I'd appreciate if you used my referral link.

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