Review: Fabletics Salar Legging & Norwalk Tank

I've been interested in trying Fabletics for a few months now, so when I saw an outfit that screamed my name, I decided to give it a try.

Fabletics is a fitness clothes subscription company co-founded by Kate Hudson. When you join as a VIP member, you can buy substantially discounted outfits that are released each month. There are typically three pieces in an outfit (top, bottom, and bra or accessory), and outfits are usually $49.95 for VIP members. When you first join, you get 50% off your first outfit. You can choose to skip a month if you don't want to buy anything and can cancel any time--both at no charge.

I choose the Hill outfit, which was originally $69.95 (a little pricier than most outfits) and got it for $35.
It includes:

I loved the colors and I always wear scarves, so I really liked the combo.
The Salar Legging is a very pretty plum color with flecks of black. It doesn't look striped but instead looks a little heathered. I loved the color and don't have any tights in this shade.

Fabric of the Salar Legging
The fabric was very different from what I expected. It isn't a true knit like Lulu's Luon fabric but instead is a bit polyster-y. It was also extremely thin. When I held the fabric up to the light, I could clearly see through to the other side. I read reviews about this legging having a thick fabric, and I wonder if this color has a different fabric than the solid colors.

I ordered a size small (a size 6, which is what I wear in Lulu bottoms), and it was too small. The ankle was so narrow that even just pulling it over my feet was tough! The fabric doesn't have really any stretch, so I had to shimmy it up to get it on. Once it was on, it didn't seem that small. The waist fit fine and wasn't pinching. The rise came to my belly button. But it also wasn't very comfortable, as other reviews have said.

Since it was so thin, I was worried about sheerness. But I could not see my leopard-print panties while doing several bend-over tests in the mirror. I think the black flecks help to make them opaque.

But then I used a flash to double-check. Hello, sheer city! (So, I actually have a really bad pic of my panties, bum, and tags clearly visible in a photo that used flash that I uploaded then deleted. I am just too modest, so you will have to take my word!)

That settled it--I needed a larger size. The challenge is that the small feels only slightly small (though clearly too small for my bum as the flash pic showed), and I am worried that the medium will be too big. Leggings are supposed to be tight! But I'm exchanging them. Exchanges are free and easy (just fill out a form online and you get a free shipping label). I'll post an update when I get the larger size. I hope they work out because I really love the color.

The Norwalk Tank is Fabletic's version of the Lululemon No Limits Tank. It's a sports bra with a loose mesh top attached. The bottom has a drawstring you can cinch instead of a band like the Lulu tank does. The tank came with bra cups. I ordered a small, and it fits perfectly (like Lulu size 6 in the No Limits Tank). It was comfortable, and I'd say the bra is more supportive than the bra in the No Limits Tank. You can leave it uncinched to wear it longer, but I think it looks sloppy that way. I really like this tank and will consider buying more since Lululemon is discontinuing its No Limits Tank.

With the drawstring uncinched
The mesh fabric of the Norwalk Tank

The Infinity Scarf is made of two types of fabric--a mesh and a light, silky fabric. I wear scarves all the time, including in summer, so this is a perfect lightweight scarf for cool summer evenings and fall weather.

Overall, I was happy with my outfit, but I hope that the medium leggings fit me better and that it wasn't a mistake to exchange them. I also hope the medium won't be sheer (though I swear I could not detect any sheerness in regular light--it was only when I used a flash). As for the value, it's a great value. I got three pieces for just $35! I don't expect the same quality in fabrics and style as the higher-end brands, but I think you get good basics for a great price. I am excited to see what next month's outfits are!

Want to give Fabletics a try? You can get your first outfit for just $25, and you can cancel at any time. So even if you just get the first outfit and cancel, it's a great deal. If you do decide to try Fabletics, I'd appreciate if you used my referral link.

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