Fabletics Discovery & October Outfits

If you read my last two Fabletics reviews, you know I smack-talked the leggings and capris, saying they were the worst performance fabric that felt scratchy and had no stretch. I wondered how so many people could love them. Both the leggings and capris I ordered were a "stripe" fabric, similar to Lululemon's wee stripe. This is a close-up of the Salar Legging fabric in Mulberry Stripe.

I wondered if the stripe fabric was a different fabric. Because the Lima Capris were so inexpensive--$32 if I returned them--I exchanged my Citron Stripe for the plain Mulberry color. WOW. I could not believe the difference! The solid-color Mulberry fabric is very soft (possibly the softest tights I own), stretchy, and comfortable--everything that the stripe fabric was not! Now I can see why everyone loves them. They are truly awesome, especially considering the low price tag. I loved them so much I immediately tore the tags off then regretted it a bit since I think I can definitely go down a size. The stretch in the solid-color fabric makes them bigger than the stripe fabric, which has no give. I would definitely order the Lima Capris again in solid colors but will try the small next time. So, mystery solved!
Lima Capri in solid Mulberry fabric

Before I received the Mulberry capris, though, I got an email with my October outfits. I wasn't considering outfits with either the Salar Leggings or Lima Capris and knew I would really have to love an outfit to place an order this month. So imagine my surprise when I saw an outfit that included pieces I actually need! I ordered the Rework outfit.

Now that it's so cool in the mornings when I run, I'm freezing when I take my dog for a walk in my sweaty run clothes after I run. I've been putting on a thin tee, jacket, and scarf over my run clothes to keep me warm. I've been on the hunt for a pair of loose-fitting pants to put on over my tights. The Dunedin pants in this outfit seem like they'll work well for that. Plus, they have side pockets, and I can always use more pockets for carrying treats, keys, tissue, and bags when I walk the dog.

The longsleeve tee in this outfit is a new one, the Scoop Tee. I'm a little bummed the Cumberland Tee from last month wasn't offered. I have been wearing it a lot and really like it. But this tee seems like a good basic.

I have the scarf in this outfit from a previous outfit and really like it. I ordered it in a basic black because I don't have an all-black scarf.

I think I'll get a lot of use out of all three pieces. Can't wait to see how they fit.

I do think the new Cranberry Stripe color in the Lima Capri is so pretty, but I am definitely staying away from the stripe fabric!

After I liked the solid color fabric so much, I went back and considered ordering the Course outfit. Still deciding!

Did you order anything?

Now that I know how nice the capris are in the solid color fabric, I would recommend Fabletics without hesitation. You can get your first outfit for just $25, and you can cancel at any time. So even if you just get the first outfit and cancel, it's a great deal. If you do decide to try Fabletics, I'd appreciate if you used my referral link.