3.11.14: Core Yoga & Easy Run

My greyhound and I very alike in some ways.
  1. Neither of us can tolerate dairy.
  2. We are both sensitive and don't like to be yelled at.
  3. We don't like hot weather. 

(We are very unlike in more ways--he eats garbage and crap [literally]; he sniffs and pisses on everything in sight; and he runs faster than all the other (non-greyhound) dogs at the dog park and then taunts them--but that's beside the point!)

So when I took Django for a walk on the river trail after work on the warmest day of the year so far--60!--and he started panting before we even got to the trail then was struggling to walk before long, I knew my run would be tough. It was.

It was supposed to be a 45-minute easy run, but I struggle to run slowly in the sun. The sun and heat bother me so much when I run that I feel like a vampire and try to run quickly just to get out of the sun. Even though I waited for the sun to go down a bit, I was running faster than a truly easy pace. And because of the warmer weather, it wasn't a very comfortable run. I really need to build my tolerance for warm weather runs and/or transition back to early-morning runs before the sun rises.

Other than that, it was nice to be out in just a tank top and capris. Tonight I wore the Athleta relay capris I recently bought. Love them. I'll do a comparison of Athleta and Lululemon running tights soon, but the capris weren't too warm for today's run, so I should be able to wear them in all but the hottest days. Also, last week I wore the Athleta striped elite half-zips I recently bought on sale in the Shadyside store. I love them for cool but not cold runs. They have a very long zip for a lot of ventilation when I heated up.

Before work I did the 23-minute core yoga routine on the Runner's World website. It's a really great routine for time-crunched days.

Run stats: Time: 46:12; 4.23 miles; 10:56 pace

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