Shopping Report: Athleta and Lululemon

To tame my spending, I'm restricting shopping to once a month. I've been editing my wish list for the past month so was excited to go to Athleta on Saturday. I was even more excited to see that a number of things on my list were 20% off! I ended up trying on a lot more sale items that weren't on my list and then stopped into Lululemon. Overall, I got four long-sleeve running tops--all stripes and spacedye!

I was tempted by the Stripes Chaturanga Capris in almalfi blue/black that were 20% off. But the waist was very loose the first time I tried them on and again this time in size small, my typical Athleta size. I thought I'd probably be pulling them up all the time, so I passed.
The Chatarunga Capris in Catalina Green were on my list. I have these in gray and love them. They're a different fabric than the stripes and stay put. Unfortunately, the green capris were very sheer, so I had to pass.
Three of the four spacedye colors in the Mendozza Half-Zip were 20% off. I loved the colors and pattern, but it was boxy and shapeless in size small so it was a pass.

The Kickback Jacket was also 20%. But it was also boxy and shapeless in size small so was also a pass.

The Fast Track tee in grey (not on sale) was on my list. I usually run in tank tops in the summer because I run a lot pre-dawn so sun protection isn't an issue. But on the days I do run in the sun, I want some tees and wanted grey to go with all my bottoms. I have a Breathe top from Athleta, which has ruching, and I expected this to be the same. But the Breathe top is very stretchy, whereas the ruching in this top is pretty set and doesn't move with you. As a result, the bottom poofed out (not good in the belly area). Also, the cap sleeves and shoulders were a little too tight, but then I have pretty muscular arms. It was also really short. It barely came past my hips, and I like longer length tops for running. The fabric was very light and reminded me of Lulu Swiftlys, but the fit was so off on this that I had to pass.

I wanted to try on the new La Viva Pant to see how it fit. I really liked it. The fabric is extremely lightweight, breathable, and silky. It would be great for a summer pant that you can wear hiking and for casual wear but is more dressy than capris. However, it wasn't on my list and I don't need it right now, so I passed for now but will consider in the future.

The Striped Elite Half Zip 2 was 20% off and on my list! They had it in small, so I grabbed it. The white will go with everything. The fabric is medium-weight so I'll be able to wear it in spring and fall, and it feels buttery soft.

Here it is with Lulu deep zinfandel Speed Tights and Athleta black Extra-Long Chi Tank.
This weekend was the first time I ran in the extra-long Chi Tank. I love it! It completely covers my bum and kept my bum warm.

I think the white will look nice with pops of color. Here it is with a Lulu Cool Racerback Tank in Very Light Orange Flare and Athleta Chaturanga Capris in Flint Grey.

I run in low light often, so I'm trying to buy more bright colors. I love orange, so I got the same half-zip in Coral Sizzle.

Here it is paired with a Lulu Cool Racerback Tank in Clear Mint and Athleta Chaturanga Capris in Flint Grey.

I tried on the Spacedye Seamless Jacket in Glass Blue because it was 20% off and the color was so pretty. This wasn't even on my radar but I really liked it. It's very lightweight, soft, and has unstinkable fabric. It's like a running shirt with a zipper and hoodie. I'll be able to wear it for both running and as a very lightweight jacket. This runs very small, so I got a medium.
Here it is paired with a Lulu Cool Racerback Tank in Clear Mint and Athleta Chaturanga Capris in Flint Grey.

The color also looks great with colors like Lulu's Surge. I have an Athleta run skirt in a color called Fiji Green that is similar to Bali Breeze and it looks good with that color. Here's a shot of the different colors that can be paired with it. I didn't add Lulu's Inkwell, but that would be a good combo too. Left is Clear Mint, middle is Glass Blue Spacedye, right is Surge, and bottom is Fiji Green.

I also picked up the Slouchy Beanie in grey heather. It's a lighter weight hat that I'll wear a lot.

When I checked out, I used $60 in rewards from my Banana Republic credit card, so my total was a fraction of what I intended to spend. Nice!

After that, I stopped into Lululemon. I've been on an anti-Lulu kick lately because I hate them as a company. I'm tired of complaining about them so want to spend my money elsewhere. But I'd been reading how nice the Heathered Cadet Blue Swiftly is, and since I wear the single white  long-sleeve swiftly I own on every single winter run, I wanted to check it out.

Everyone was right. The fabric was completely different from my other swiftly. It is very soft and thicker. While my swiftly is perfect as a base layer for winter running, it snagged almost as soon as I bought it even after I treated it with the requisite gold treatment. I swore I'd never get another. But...I wear it every single run. So I know I'd get a lot of use out of another one. I also tried on the Cadet Blue Forme Jacket. Everyone was also right on how gorgeous the color is. It's a mix of navy, purple, and grey and just so pretty. However, I can't run in a Forme Jacket and since I have others, I couldn't justify the cost. I had to pry it out of my own hands to put it back. I was also interested in the new rucksack they put out since I often have to carry my laptop and other heavy stuff to work and have to walk 10 minutes from where I park to my office. I've been wanting something more sophisticated than a basic backpack, but I really disliked the fabric of the rucksack. I don't know what it was but it seemed cheap and not very durable. I left with only the Swiftly.

I'll be able to wear it with a lot of colors. Here it is with deep zinfandel tights.

And with Athleta Betonna Jeggings in raspberry.

I can't imagine a weather scenario in which I'd wear it with a lightweight running skirt, but it looks good with this green color too.

And of course it looks good with grey.

Still...I'm not totally sure I'm going to keep it. I love the fabric and the feel, but I'm not sure that it won't snag. And I might be hesitant to wear it a lot because I'd be scared of it snagging. Can someone convince me why I should keep or return it?

The one thing I planned to get at Athleta was the Extra-Long Chi Tank in Catalina Green, which is similar to Lulu Bali Breeze. I really love the color but prefer the Chi Tank for running. Unfortunately, the Athleta store didn't have it, and it was sold out online too. So I did order the Bali Breeze CRB.
I still have some budget left, but I'm going to wait. I think some of the other things that were on my Athleta list that weren't in the store will be going on sale soon. Plus, I want to save some budget for special things that pop up this month that I don't want to wait on.

I also placed online orders from Yogasmoga and Oiselle, so watch for those reviews soon.

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