Athleta & Lululemon Shopping Report

When I posted last week about all the fall clothes from Athleta I loved, someone helpfully pointed out that I could buy the things I thought might sell out and then return them and re-buy if they're still available in my size when there's a sale. Great idea! I bought two things that I really wanted.

The first was the Odyssey Wrap, which I got in Heathered Jasper Green. I love it! The top is just so pretty. The material is thin but soft. The front material gathers nicely to form a wrap, and the back is form-fitted. The sleeves are long and have thumbholes, but they're not so noticeable that I couldn't wear this to work. I got my usual size in Athleta tops (small), and it was fitted while still being a bit roomy, which makes it really comfortable. It's a keeper! But I'll keep the tags on and see if it goes on sale.

I also got the Mind Over Mat Capri. It only comes in black but is a heathered black. The fabric is on the thin side but silky feeling, and it's very comfortable on. I don't love tights in slick material--I prefer a knit material--but these weren't overly slick. I used the flash in these photos, and you can see they're a bit shiny. Unfortunately, the lattice detail on the calf, the detail I loved, just didn't work for me. I have large calves, and the lattice made them look even bigger. I didn't think they looked good from the front or side view. The seams by the lattice cut into my calves whenever I lifted my leg. Also, I didn't love the seams in general on these capris. These would probably be great on someone with thin calves, but I'll be returning them.

Now for Lululemon. Yes, I said just last week that there was nothing in the new fall releases I really wanted, but after some more new releases and a store visit, well...

I ordered the Go the Distance Shorts, a reversible, liner-less short with a 5-inch seam. I love the Tracker Shorts, but the 4-inch seam is just a little too short for me to be comfortable wearing them running. I got the Go the Distance shorts in the new Mini Pop Stripe Printed Mink Berry Black, which reverses to slate grey. The description says it's heathered slate, but it's not. The stripes on the shorts are a light mauve/pink, and I swear the other color is a brown instead of black, even though I think the site lists it as black. I never wear brown so this color palette is a little different for me. Still, I really like it! I think it pairs really well with burgundy, purple, and red, in addition to grey and white. There is one side zippered pocket on the striped side. There is a regular drawstring and not a continuous drawcord--boo! But the reason for that is that you can fold the waist down and wear them lower, and you need to adjust the drawstring to do that. I ordered a size 8, which is what I wear in the Trackers. The Go the Distance shorts are definitely a looser fit overall. I think I could maybe have sized down to a 6, but since I'm just getting comfortable wearing shorts, bigger is better for me right now. As you can see on me, these shorts do seem a bit frumpy because they're looser. I'll be doing a post on my review of shorts I've worn running, but I'll reveal now that I've already worn these shorts twice for 4- and 5-mile runs, and they're fantastic! They don't ride up at all, are very comfortable, and give me the coverage I need to feel confident running in shorts. Because they are liner-less, I could also see wearing these over tights in winter when your bum needs a bit more warmth. And I love that I basically get two shorts in one because they're reversible. Overall, I give these shorts a huge thumbs up and would definitely order another pair if it comes out in a color I love.
Go the Distance Shorts in Mini Pop Stripe Mink Berry Black

Slate reverse side of the Go the Distance Shorts
Detail of mesh and reflective strip at the side.
Doesn't the stripe look brown instead of black?
Stripe Mink Berry Side with Bumble Berry CRB

The side zippered pocket
Side view

Slate side
Go the Distance Shorts in Mini Pop Stripe Mink Berry with Bumble Berry, burgundy tank from
Oiselle, and Purple Fog

I also ordered the Pace Rival II Tall Skirt in Cranberry. I have two Pace Rival skirts in Electric Orange and Black and wear them all the time in summer, both for running and casual wear. The three pockets are really great for long runs. The interior, built-in shorts aren't super long even in the tall version, but they are long enough that I don't chafe, and they don't ride up. The lightweight fabric has been great for hot and humid runs. I have been wanting one in another color, and since I don't already have a skirt in red, I got the Cranberry, a rich, vibrant red. I'm not sure how I feel about the color in this skirt. I do prefer the fuscia-toned Bumble Berry that was out last year. But while photos have shown Cranberry as a very pretty deep red, it's more muted in the skirt--perhaps it's the Swift fabric that's used? The interior shorts and waistband have a snake print on them, which I also don't love, but you can see how the Cranberry is much more vibrant on the waistband and shorts material than on the skirt. The other thing is that Cranberry is clearly a fall color, and once it gets cooler I put my skirts away and switch to tights. I guess I could get two months of wear out of it in August and September, but I'm not sure I could wear it at other times. I know it's coming out in Speed Tights, which I wear all winter long, so I'm thinking of returning it and waiting for the Speed Tights. By the way, these are completely sold out on the website. If anyone is looking for this in a size 8, let me know and I'll coordinate with you so you know when I return it to my store. Stores will charge you on the phone and ship to you for free!
Cranberry on left and Bumble Berry on right
Cranberry Pace Rival Skirt, showing snake print on interior shorts

To go with the Pace Rival Skirt, I ordered the What the Sport Tee in Heathered Poseidon/Gold. I never wear tees in summer because I'm always wearing tanks, but in spring and fall I sometimes wear tees, and I thought the blue/gold color would look good with cranberry. The shimmery Poseidon/Gold is a really pretty color, but overall I really disliked this tee! The fabric was very scratchy and not stretchy. The fit was straight and shapeless. I went to my store to return it and saw that they had other What the Sport Tees, including one in the black mesh that came out earlier and is no longer available on the website. It was like a completely different tee. The mesh is stretchy and feels good on and is super lightweight. There are little gold strands of thread woven into the fabric, which I think is so pretty. It is a loose fit but not super baggy. It's made of stinkproof fabric too. Overall, I loved the black mesh version and bought it. I think having a basic black running tee is a good addition to my wardrobe, and I'll be able to wear it with pretty much everything. There's also an opening in the neck at the back for media cords.
Black Mesh What the Sport Tee &
Cranberry Pace Rival Skirt

Side view of the tee and skirt
Close up of the black mesh fabric

After several weeks of debating, I also got the Superb Bra in white. While so many of my workout clothes work for casual wear, sports bras don't work that well because it's pretty obvious they're sports bras. I have been wanting a bra with interesting straps to wear casually with all my open back tops. The Superb Bra is perfect for that! I love the back design, and it's extremely comfortable. Under clothes, it looks like a regular bra and not a sports bra. It does show a lot of cleavage (which is why I'm not posting a picture of the front view), but there are no odd bulges under clothes. I got it in an 8, the same size I wear in all Lulu bras, and it fits great. I really love this bra and am considering getting it in black too.
White/Heathered White Superb Bra

Superb Bra under Splits 59 Devon Tank. Love!

Finally, I got the Om Racerback in Black Cherry. This came out a long time ago, and I never paid attention to it. But when I felt how incredibly soft the fabric was in the store, I knew I had to have it. This summer I've been gravitating toward lightweight tops with a looser fit but don't have many of them. This tank is very lightweight, and the fabric is super, super soft. There's a very subtle burnout design. The website photos would have you believe that it's sheer, but it's really not. I can only see some sheerness and the burnout pattern when I hold it up to the light. The fabric also drapes really well, making the loose fit not look baggy and sloppy. This is definitely a tank that I can wear for casual wear and even to work. I also love that the logo is embossed plastic (or whatever) instead of the standard reflective logo. I have a feeling this tank will be marked down since it was released so long ago and there are still so many sizes left. I am hoping it does because I'd love it in black or white too.
Om Racerback in Black Cherry

Om Racerback with Superb Bra
Logo on Om Racerback
Burnout fabric held up against a window

That's my haul, and I'm happy with it! Would you return the cranberry skirt if you were me? Have you bought any fall workout clothes yet?

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