BCHM Training: Week 1

Happy Sunday! It's so good to be back to training! There's something to be said about running just for fun, but I'm so happy to be training again. I've been so excited to be back at it that I've been getting up before my alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m. and starting my runs earlier. That's a good thing because in a few weeks I'll have to get up earlier, probably around 4 a.m., to get my longer runs in. The humidity, warm weather, and rain are all still here, but I said I'm not going to complain anymore, and I just need to accept that this is summer training.

So this was the first week of training for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon using the Hanson's half marathon plan. The book has three plans. I'm using the beginner plan, for those either new to the half marathon distance or new to a high-mileage program. The beginner plan has 4 weeks of just easy runs before adding speedwork and harder workouts. The advanced plan has only one week of easy runs before starting hard workouts, and the just finish plan, for those truly new to the distance without a time goal, is all easy runs. Because I needed to cut 3 weeks out of my plan to account for a late start, I eliminated 2 weeks of easy runs. I thought that was okay since I've been logging low, easy miles for a while. So the first week was 5 short, easy runs. I think because I know the hard workouts will start before long, I really enjoyed the runs! This week I also tried something new--trail running--and got four strength sessions in.

In non-running news, this weekend was the furry convention, Anthrocon, in Pittsburgh. People come from all over the world to attend, and Pittsburgh loves the furries and gives them a warm welcome. See below for pics from the furry parade!

Also, I joined Instagram! I am completely new and just started learning it, but please connect with me if you have an account!

Total mileage this week was 15. Here's how it went down.

I did 25 minutes of legs, glutes, and core strength exercises using plyometrics (squat jumps, plyo lunges, etc.)

Easy run: 2 miles, 26:03, 13:02 pace
70F and humid, but I loved it!
1st run of fall training!
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In the evening I did 10 minutes of upper body strength.

Wednesday will be my rest day throughout training. I did 20 minutes of yoga hip openers.

Easy run: 3 miles, 40:10, 13:23 pace
68F and humid. This run felt tough because of the humidity, even though my pace was slow.
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In the evening I did 20 minutes of legs, glues, and core strength using weights.

Easy run: 3 miles: 39:00, 13:01 pace
67F and humid but felt a tad cooler and thus a bit easier.
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In the evening I did 10 minutes of upper body strength.

Easy run: 4 miles, 58:22, 14:35 pace
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For something different, I made a very short drive from my house to the city park Riverview Park. The park has a 2-mile loop road with a walking path and lots of trails through the woods. I had four miles on the schedule, so my plan was to try out some of the trails. Every time we walk our dog there we get lost, so I figured it would be an adventure. It felt cooler out with lower humidity, and the trails were so nice and shady. I started out on a wider trail then took some of the narrow mountain bike trails. Everything was very muddy, and running up and down rocky, muddy trails was really tough, even though I was going slowly.

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After about 2 miles I came out onto the loop road and took another trail off the road that led to a clearing where I saw a pretty deer.

I headed back up the loop road to the park entrance then took another trail that circled the hill where the observatory is then made my way back to the car.

Running on trails was a very different experience--very tough since footing in general is tricky, but a fun change of pace and a challenge! I will definitely do it again!

In the afternoon we walked to Downtown to see the furry parade. It was an hour and 15 minutes late! I was cramped up from standing so long, but at least we got to stand in shade.

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I just wrote a review of the Splits 59 Devon Singlette Tank. It's now available for just $32 during Splits 59's current sale. I wore it all Saturday, and it kept me so cool. Plus, I love the bright green mercury color paired with Lululemon's regal plum energy bra! I also carried the new Lulu Party Om Bag I got marked down--which I absolutely love as it's small enough to carry as a purse but big enough to hold a water bottle--and I love the bright pink strap!

After the parade we walked home, got our dog, and headed back out. Saturday was also the Deutschtown Music Festival in my neighborhood, with over 125 bands, 5 outdoor stages, and 16 venues. It was very hot--in the mid 80s--and Django quickly wilted. We tried to walk though an area with an outdoor stage and food vendors, and he was getting suffocated from everyone coming up to him to pet him. Because I knew he was really hot, we just headed out. After we all ate dinner, my husband I headed back over. I estimated we walked 5.5-6.5 miles in the afternoon. I don't want to buy and wear a fitness monitor, but I'm so curious how much I walk in a day!
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Easy run: 3 miles, 37:27, 12:30 pace
It was just about 64 and low humidity and felt great! I thought I'd be dragging because of the trail run and all the walking the day before, but my body wanted to go and it was hard to slow down. I love runs like that!
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This upcoming week will be another week of easy runs before I start adding workouts. Happy running and working out this week!

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