January 2015 Goals

Happy first Friday of the new year! I'm happy to be linking up today with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Mar at Mar On The Run, and Cynthia at You Signed Up For What.

This week's topic is 2015 goals. Yesterday I posted my goals for the year. Today I'm focusing on my goals for January. Thanks to Jennifer at Run Jenny Run for giving me the idea to create monthly goals! I think monthly goals will be a great way to ensure I'm meeting my yearly goals.

  1. Run 84 miles to stay on track for my 1,000-mile yearly goal.
  2. Begin training for May's Pittsburgh Half Marathon and do not skip a workout. 
  3. Start and maintain a new strength training routine. A trainer I worked with a couple years ago told me to switch up routines every four to six weeks so your body continues to be challenged by new exercises. Strength training is part of both my running and weight management goals.
  4. Do one plank a day. Every time I read about someone doing a plank challenge, I think, "Oh, that's a good idea. I should do that." Now's the time! This fits into my strength training goal.
  5. Do yoga every day. A few years ago I did a 30-day yoga challenge from Yoga Journal, and it was such a positive experience. While I had done yoga before then, it was only then that I really got into yoga and understood all the mental and physical benefits. At the end, I felt like a better person overall. This challenge was based on the idea that a daily practice, even if the session is short, is better than a longer session you do only once or twice a week. The challenge included videos as short as 10 minutes. I can always find 10 minutes in the day, but on the busiest days, I even have a gentle stretching segment that can be done in bed right before going to sleep, or can simply do sun salutations for a few minutes. This fits into my goal to do yoga for injury prevention and overall fitness.
Bonus: While not part of my yearly goals, I want to look into creating a Pinterest account and learning how to use it. 

Do you create monthly goals? Any other ideas for staying on track? 

I look forward to reading about everyone's goals!

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