2015 Goals

Happy New Year! I'm an early bird and not a night owl, so staying up late is always a struggle. But I made it up to count down the new year last night...though I did snooze a bit before. I love ringing in the new year! All the appetizers I made were delicious. I'll post a review in the next few days.

The first day of the new year is always so exciting. I spent this morning writing down my 2015 goals in my paper journal and wanted to log them here too. Back in November I posted my 2015-2016 running goals, but I'll post them here again along with my other ones.

Here's to an awesome 2015!

Update: I first posted this with a bunch of goals other than running and fitness, but, since this is a running blog, I don't think they belong here. I'll keep track of them old-school, in my paper journal. 

Running and Cross Training

2015-2016 Running Goals

  1. Improve speed and end stronger in half marathons.
  2. Build a higher running base in 2015 to prepare for a full marathon in 2016.
  3. Run a full marathon in 2016.
  4. Remain free of injuries.
  5. Overcome fear of racing.

Activities to Meet Those Goals

1. Run four half marathons in 2015.
2. Increase weekly mileage with more double-digit long runs, some with a strong finish at goal pace. I'm not going to set a goal mileage number just yet. I want to see how my body adapts to running higher mileage to figure out what will work for me, and if I need to keep increasing mileage.

3.  Practice end-of-long-run fueling options. In my last half marathon, my energy was zapped at the end. In addition to running more long runs with strong finishes, I want to practice fueling after mile 8, which is usually when I take my last gel.

4. Continue strength training, yoga, stretching, and foam rolling to maintain strength and flexibility to reduce the risk of injuries and help build overall fitness.

5. Run additional races as training runs, to work on speed, and to help me overcome my fear of racing.

6. Run 1,000 miles. I've never set a yearly mileage goal, but this year I came pretty close (about 950 miles) without trying to hit a certain number. I think this will be an easy goal to hit.

7. Continue running with my greyhound, and run the full Turkey Trot 5K with him next year.

Weight Management

If you know my story, you know I lost 35 pounds three years ago (this month will be my three-year-anniversary) and have maintained that loss since then. My weight has fluctuated within a range during that time, but each year that range has gone up a little. Now, I am above my goal weight range for the first time. I want to get back down but don't have an exact number in mind. Maybe I'll lose five pounds, maybe 10. The deciding factor will be how my pants fit and how confident I feel.
  1. Fit into my old pants that are too tight for me. 
  2. Feel comfortable in shorts and/or short skirts. 
  3. Increase strength training. Strength training rather than cardio has always been my key for successful weight loss and maintenance. At my thinnest, I was mainly doing strength training and not much cardio. I don't want to give up running for strength training, but I do need to find a balance.
  4. Follow Weight Watchers. I'm a Lifetime Member, and I will scream it from the mountaintops: Weight Watchers works! If you follow the program, you will not only lose weight but learn how to follow a lifestyle based on making better choices, not based on deprivation, so that you can maintain your loss without feeling deprived. However, the problem with that and the reason people are unsuccessful are that they don't follow the program. When I don't track what I eat and instead mindlessly nibble, when I don't  keep to my daily points target and instead eat whatever and as much as I want, when I don't think about my meals in advance and have solutions for special occasions and eating out, I'll gain weight. I know that if I follow the program, I'll reach this goal.
I also have a bunch of goals for budget management, house management, and other, but I didn't think they fit in this blog. 

I'm planning on breaking these down into monthly goals and doing a check-in each month to make sure I'm on track.

What are your goals? How do you plan to stay on track?

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