New Running Goals

Since my goal race, the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon, ended last month, I've been thinking of new goals. How do I want to progress as a runner, and where do I want to be a year and two years from now? After thinking through my goals, I created activities to help me meet those goals. Based on those activities, I'll be able to more easily create training plans. I already have my training plan done for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, thanks to help from my running friend Mike. I'm so excited to get started on working toward my new goals!

2015-2016 Running Goals

  1. Improve speed and end stronger in half marathons.
  2. Build a higher running base in 2015 to prepare for a full marathon in 2016.
  3. Run a full marathon in 2016.
  4. Remain free of injuries.
  5. Overcome fear of racing.

 Activities to Meet Those Goals

1. Run four half marathons in 2015.

2. Increase weekly mileage with more double-digit long runs, some with a strong finish at goal pace. I'm not going to set a goal mileage number just yet. My highest mileage week in my last training plan was just under 30, and the highest mileage week in my new plan is 33, with many weeks close to 30. I want to see how my body adapts to running higher mileage to figure out what will work for me, and if I need to keep increasing mileage.

3.  Practice end-of-long-run fueling options. In my last half marathon, my energy was zapped at the end. In addition to running more long runs with strong finishes, I want to practice fueling after mile 8, which is usually when I take my last gel.

4. Continue strength training and yoga to maintain strength and flexibility to reduce the risk of injuries and help build overall fitness.

5. Run additional races as training runs, to work on speed, and to help me overcome my fear of racing.

What are your running goals for next year and beyond?