Friday Random Thoughts

Happy Friday! I'm in a random sort of mood today so thought I'd share some random thoughts.

I'm off work today! Because my organization is centered at a university and we have university holidays, I have much of the next two weeks off. Most of my coworkers are taking next Monday and Tuesday off so that they can have a full two weeks off. I could do that, but I like working when most people aren't in because I get more work done, so I'll be working a day and a half next week then will be off until the first week of January. Can't wait for the break!

I'll be be spending my long weekend  on  holiday tasks: finishing  my baking, packaging the cookies and nuts, and giving them to friends and neighbors. I'll finish mailing my holiday cards, get the last small gifts I need to get, and wrapping presents. I also want to work on a secret santa gift for a neighbor that I'll be giving anonymously. That way, everything will be done by the end of the weekend.

So many people have been posting about running through holiday lights. I love that idea so planned to run with my local running group through the holiday lights Downtown last night. A local running shoe store organized it, and everyone was asked to bring a donation to Children's Hospital that the running store would then match. The run was to start at 6:30 p.m. I know I'm in the majority who prefer running in early mornings, but I don't know how so many people run in the evening! I was up late the night before, so by the afternoon I was getting pretty tired. After work, I realized that if I waited any longer, I probably wouldn't run at all. 6:30 is just too late to start running! So I went out at 5 p.m. by myself and got a nice, relaxing four-mile run in. I did get to run past the holiday lights at PNC Park (our baseball stadium) and see the pretty tree at the point. I wished I'd have taken my phone to take pictures. Anyway, I give a lot of credit to people who run in the evenings. If I had to do that, I probably wouldn't run at all. :-(

I was up late Wednesday night watching the finale of Survivor. I'm not a huge fan but did watch this season, and I was rooting for Natalie the whole time. Love her! So happy she won!

Two of my cats had their annual vet exam yesterday. What an ordeal. I have to get the carriers out a week prior to the appointment to desensitize them to the carriers. Then, on the day of their appointment, I have to try to keep them separated because as soon as I get one in the carrier, the other knows what's up and will be impossible to wrangle. Luckily, all went smoothly and I was able to get both of them to the vet, though they were complaining the whole time. They have to be vaccinated annually against feline leukemia, which my third cat has. Feline leukemia is highly contagious among cats and has no cure. Many cats who have it don't live very long. Luckily, my cat who has it is very healthy, and so far the disease hasn't affected her. The vet said that cats who live with feline leukemia positive cats and who get the annual vaccination develop very strong immunity against feline leukemia, so the chances of them getting it too are slim, which is awesome.

Greyhound Django and I did a very short run this morning as part of our morning walk. I didn't bring my Garmin, but it was probably only a half mile. To be honest, I was the one who was tired and didn't feel like going too far. I guess I'm not used to running in the evening so was tired this morning.
Another picture from the holiday card photo shoot.

Athleta is having a huge sale of up to 60% off. If you need stuff, check it out. I don't so I'm passing. In fact, I'm returning the last things I got when they went on sale. The one is the Toasty Buns short--the insulated shorts to wear over tights in winter. They just look weird plus highlight the biggest areas of my body (hips and thighs). No thanks. The other was the Plush Tech Hoodie. I have it in another color and realized I don't need a second.

After poo-pooing wearing jackets for winter running, I have been wearing my Lululemon Spring Forward jacket a lot, ha ha! While it's not promoted as a rain jacket, it does have water resistance. I wore it on a rainy run on Tuesday, and it was great. I wore it this morning too because I needed pockets for poop bags. I really love it and think it's one of my favorite Lululemon products.

I'm looking forward to running this weekend! I have a short run at race pace tomorrow and then a longer one with Amanda on Sunday. Can't wait!

What are you doing this weekend? Let me know a random thing that's going on with you!