2014 in Pictures

I previously looked back on 2014 goals and 2014 running. With only two days left in this year, I thought it would be fun to look back at 2014 overall with pictures (most are from my husband Dave).

The polar vortex and the worst winter ever continued. On the days it wasn't crazy cold, we took the dog on his usual walks (in coat and booties), but on some days it was just too cold to go out so we'd run to the nearest bush for him to pee and run back to the house.

The awful winter continued, but we made the best of it.

When will winter be over???
 We did have a few decent days and had some fun at the dog park.
Django makes a new friend.
Django relaxing in the mud.

Django (right) running with his greyhound buddies Henry and Truman.

At the end of the month, Django takes his first swim of the year in a muddy pond at the dog park. It was too cold for him to jump in, but I couldn't keep him out.

With the weather finally warming up, we were outside constantly to celebrate spring. The last snow of the winter was on April 15.
Another day at the dog park, lying in a mud puddle and drinking the muddy water
We drove down to Wheeling, West Virginia one weekend day. Django was retired from the racetrack in Wheeling. A race was going on when we were there, and when he heard the announcer he stopped in his tracks and stared in the direction of the race until it was over. Wonder what he was thinking?
In Wheeling, WV
More playing at the dog park!

And more lying in mud puddles.

On a hike at nearby Harrison Hills State Park.

My pretty girl, Orla, looking out the window.
We took a trip to the Finger Lakes with Django.
Dave and Django in Watkins Glen
Wine tasting
Django and me in Geneva

The highlight of the trip was meeting one of Django's littermates, Myles! Myles' mom found me online, and we exchanged many emails about the similarities of our boys. We met up at Taughannock Falls State Park for a hike along with Lola, Myles' adopted sister.
Littermates Myles and Django
Django, Myles, and Lola
Dave, me, and Django at Taughannock Falls
Summer's here! Lots of hiking in local parks and visiting the dog pool.
Django in the dog pool at a local dog park
Beechview-Seldom Seen Greenway
Riverview Park
How Django spends the majority of his time
We spent the long 4th of July weekend in West Virginia with Django. The house we rented had a big fenced yard that Django loved plus little trails, which were great for dog walks.
Django chewing a bone in the yard
On the trails around the house
We went to Dolly Sods Scenic Area, a high-altitude plateau with vistas, plant life, and weather found nowhere else in the U.S. and similar to Northern Canada. That means it was cold and windy!

We visited Helvetia, a small Swiss village that is designated a historic landmark.

We drove through Buckhannon.

And we stopped at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, though we couldn't tour it because we had the dog.

We visited the dog pool when it was too hot to go on long walks.

But mostly Django wished the hot weather would end. His definition of hot is anything over 60 degrees.

Summer means baseball, and while neither of us are baseball fans, we love walking by PNC Park when a game's going on.

Downtown view from the hill right near our house that leads to the Troy Hill neighborhood.
The East Allegheny neighborhood on the Northside (my neighborhood, but I live in a different part of it.)

Construction on Pittsburgh's newest skyscraper.

More local hikes and more dog pool visits.
At Linn Run State Park with greyhound buddy Henry
Django (left) and friends Truman and Henry
Dog pool!
Schenley Park
My favorite picture that Dave took this year. It cracks me up!

We went to Colorado for vacation and spent most of the time hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Gem Lake
Mills Lake
Lake Estes in Estes Park
Emerald Lake
Lake Haiyaha Trail
In September I celebrated by 41st birthday and 12th wedding anniversary. The older I get, the better life gets!
Starting my birthday with a 4.1-mile run

Fall, the most wonderful time of the year, comes!
Roaring Run Trail
Raccoon Creek State Park
Dave and I took a trip to Minneapolis for my friend's wedding.

We brought the cold Minneapolis weather back with us. Along with the rest of the country, Pittsburgh had a really cold spell that lasted about two full weeks.

The weather for December has been mostly fantastic, not much below 20, usually in the 30s, with temps going up to the low 60s on Christmas Eve. Every weekend we've been able to get out on long walks, so it's been fun.
City steps near our house that go up to Troy Hill

We enjoyed the holiday lights Downtown, had a wonderful Christmas with our families, and now it's the last week of the year!

It's been a wonderful year! Here's to another wonderful year ahead for all of us!

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