2014 Goals Review

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice yesterday. It helped! I also talked with my running friend Mike, who basically talked me off the ledge. With his help, I put together a plan to maintain my fitness and sanity while starting to ramp up mileage to prepare for half marathon training that starts mid-January. We also talked about some new goals based on my 5K angst. I'll include that in a 2015 Goals post. But first, with the end of the year almost here (!), it's time to see how I did on 2014 goals.
  1. Run regularly--four times a week or more. Yes! I'm counting that as an accomplishment even though I've been doing three runs a week during rest periods. I never considered rest in this goal!
  2. Get faster. Yes! While I debated this in my post yesterday, I have to go by official race times. Both my 5K and half marathon times have improved. 
  3. Run the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon at a faster pace. Yes! I ran it 9 minutes faster than last year, or 40 seconds/mile faster pace.
  4. Train for an run a 5K, 10K, and half marathon. Yes! I followed training plans that culminated in the Just a Short Run 5K in March, the Father's Day 10K in June, and the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon in October.
  5. Develop and maintain a regular practice that incorporates Ashtanga, Yin, and running-related routines. Yes! I do yin yoga and running-focused routines each week. I did Ashtanga more at the beginning of the year and just starting doing it again.
  6. Keep the house clean. No. Keeping a three-story house with three cats and a dog clean takes a lot of time and is a constant struggle. But it's important to me, so I need to find a balance. I've kept it clean since  Thanksgiving weekend, so that's a start. This will be a 2015 goal.
  7. Pass the PMP test. No. I have to take a test to be certified in project management for my job. It's one of those four-hour tests like the SAT that requires that you not only know the material but also know how to decipher the questions. I studied a lot this year and just took a test prep class. I'm hoping to take the test around March of next year (another 2015 goal).
Funny that I met all my fitness goals but not the other ones!

What about you? How did you do with 2014 goals?

Completely off topic, but here's another photo from our photo shoot with greyhound Django for our holiday card two years ago. Sitting can be uncomfortable and is difficult for many greyhounds. Very few greyhounds sit naturally. Most, including Django, either stand or lie down. He only sits on command. In fact, on the test to become a Canine Good Citizen that Django passed (CGC is a program of AKC), only greyhounds are given the option of holding a down-stay instead of sit-stay while you walk across the room and back. Here you can see why it is uncomfortable--their bums don't go to the ground and they have to balance on their back legs. For some reason (I didn't purposefully teach it), Django learned the sit command with his paw up, so he always sits with his paw up. 

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