Fabletics Review: Austin Wrap & Kimberley Sweatpant

I had some hits and misses in my Fabletics order for this month.

This hits were items I had already purchased and just ordered in new colors.

The first is the Gather outfit ($49.95), which includes the Loveland Hoodie and Salar Leggings. I have both of these and like them (see previous review). I ordered the teal color in the hoodie and the charcoal leggings (both shown in the picture below). The teal is a very pretty color in the hoodie. The leggings are very dark--almost black. I debated returning them since they were almost black and I have other black leggings, but I wear black and grey so much I figured I could use another pair.

The Sight outfit ($49.95) includes the Scoop Tee, which I have in a different color, and Kimberley Sweatpants.

I got the Scoop Tee in Popsicle, and it's a gorgeous coral shade that really flatters my warm skintone. The other Scoop Tee I got was fitted but not tight, but this tee was very tight, especially on my arms, in size small. I exchanged it for a size medium.

Popsicle Scoop Tee, size small
For background, I hate sweatpants and have not worn them since my college days. But these looked so cute, I thought I'd try them. I did not like the fabric at all. It was scratchy and very lightweight. Here's a picture of the sweats help up to the light so you can see how thin the fabric is.
Kimberley Sweatpant fabric
These sweatpants did nothing for me. They made me look dumpy. I think that's probably how all sweatpants are, so if you're looking for a lightweight pair, you may want to check these out. I returned them.
Kimberley Sweatpant, size medium. Ugh.
Last but certainly not least is the Austin Wrap ($31.95). Look how cute it looks on the model:

Here's what it looked like when I put it on.
Austin Wrap
Huh??? It was just two gigantic pieces of fabric with snaps at the bottom. I had no idea what to do with it. Here you can see the two ends snapped together.

I tried wearing it a number of different ways. I found only two ways that seemed to work. This was the first, with the snaps clasped behind me. You can see it is a lot longer than on the model.

Sure enough, when I looked at my back in the mirror, it obviously wasn't right!

So next I tried just looping the snapped piece over my neck. I think this is how it's supposed to be?

It looks okay from the back. I should note that the fabric is very thin, as you can see the logo from my tank underneath.

This shows how the snapped piece goes over your neck.

Basically, it's awkward. Or maybe I styled it wrong. It should have come with instructions, as the majority of reviewers were confused about how to wear it. I didn't like either the fabric or the confusing style, so I returned it.

Because I had a free member credit and got an outfit for free, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to return these two pieces. I did have to call customer service, but they easily took care of it for me, and now I have a s store credit for my next purchase. So far I've had great experiences with their customer service.

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