Review #2: Fabletics Salar Legging & Dressed Up Infinity Scarf

I got the Salar Legging in size medium I'd exchanged for small in less than a week, even though they didn't ship the new pair until they'd received the original pair. The exchange process was quick and easy.

To give some context if you didn't read my original post, these leggings were part of my first outfit through Fabletics that I got for half-off. The three pieces were $35, making these leggings about $12. Are they worth $12? Sure. I love the color, and I will lounge around in these without worrying about the cats' claws ruining them and will wear them to the dog park, hiking, and for casual wear.

Having said that...these leggings are odd. I have never experienced anything like them in a workout legging, even cheapie ones I've tried from Target and Old Navy. The fabric is less like a performance fabric and more like a....hmm, I don't even know how to explain it. It's a thin (you can see things through it when you hold it up to the light) fabric with almost zero stretch. It's not exactly rough, but it's not soft at all. I cannot imagine working out in these, but I will give it a try to see if it's as bad as I think.

As with the size small, the ankle opening is tiny, and I again had trouble getting it over my foot! And also just like the small, I had to shimmy them up my leg since they don't really stretch. The difference in the sizes was that the medium was a little loose at my waist (surprise, surprise), creating a gap at the back when I move around. And there is a bunch of extra fabric that stays bunched, especially behind my knees and butt. Other than that, they fit about the same, with the medium only slightly bigger.
Close-up of the material bunched behind the knee
If you look at the reviews for this legging on the Fabletics site, you would think these leggings are the best thing since sliced bread. Maybe it's just me since neither size fit me well? Or maybe this color is a different fabric than other colors? In any case, I would not buy these leggings again. And because these are the main leggings Fabletics offers, my membership may be short-lived.

I do really like the other two pieces in the outfit--the Norwalk Tank, which I've worn to do strength training, and the Infinity Scarf. I thought I would wear the scarf only for lounging, but it worked great dressed up this past weekend.
Fabletics Infinity Scarf
Lululemon Pretty Purple Power Y Tank
Athleta Black Skirt
Fabletics Infinity Scarf
Boden Tunic Dress
I'm curious to see what outfits come out next month.

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