Review: Yogasmoga Run Jump 'n Play Crops

I love Yogasmoga's Tippy Toe Leggings (my review) and have been wanting to try the Run Jump 'n Play Crops. I've been hesitant to order them because I'd heard that they are very tight on the calves, and I have very large calves. But in looking at my drawer full of black, grey, and purple tights, I've been lusting after some of the new crop colors, so I pulled the trigger and ordered the crops in Klarit Red.
Yogasmoga Run Jump 'n Play Crop, Klarit Red, Size 6

The logo for the crops is on the upper back, which is where it should be! I really dislike logo placements on the leg portion of tights (like the Tippy Toe Leggings). I'm not sure why my pictures didn't come out, but the small gold logo is in the triangle sewn on the back.

There are two pockets, which is awesome. The first is beside the logo in the back and is a secure pocket that you have to pull apart.

The second is in the front left and is open, but is great if you need to get to something (like tissue) quickly.

These crops are completely opaque. I give you my not-flattering butt photo as proof!

They sit just below my belly button. (Due to my overindulgence of vegan lemon bars last weekend, this is all the farther I'm pulling up my top today!)

As with the Tippy Toe Leggings, these crops are so incredibly comfortable. And not tight at all on the calves! I think Yogasmoga makes the comfiest tights. My leggings have stayed put during yoga and workouts and have retained their shape (unlike what some other reviews say).

I love the Klarit Red color. I'm wearing a Lulu Bruised Berry Cool Racerback with it, and there are tons of other colors that would be fun to pair with it. I have my eye on the Verdi color crops next.

Downsides? Well, this is the biggie.

I was not holding my cat, and I can't even remember him rubbing up against me, but he must have. This fabric attracts and holds pet hair like crazy. It's not a deal-breaker for me, though, because I always lint-roll myself when I leave the house.

I wore these crops to the gym today, which is a 15-minute walk from my office. It was 90 and steamy, and I was boiling in these crops. The dark color probably contributed to it, and 90 is, for me at least, too hot to be wearing anything below the knee, but these crops are also not lightweight.

I haven't worn my leggings running, but I'd try them and these crops for fall and spring runs since they have pockets. Aside from running, these are a great crop for yoga, other workouts, and casual wear.

If you want to support a US-based company that makes their products in the US, has an eco-friendly dyeing process, and has a great customer rewards program AND get a great pair of quality crops, check these out!

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