Fit Review: Yogasmoga Tippy Toe Leggings

I took advantage of Yogasmoga's recent offer to get $25 off your first purchase to get the Violet Twilight Tippy Toe Legging I've been drooling over for months. I first heard about Yogasmoga on other blogs as an alternative to Lululemon, which I'm tying to not support because they suck as a company.

Yogasmoga is all about yoga. Their website describes at length their values based on yoga principles, and I loved reading things like this: "Our focus is not on building a brand; our goal is to have a love affair with our consumers. We create our products from the heart and with love and we want everyone to feel that." They are a US-based company whose products are made in the US. The mill that makes their fabric is committed to lessening its carbon footprint, and the fabric dyeing is eco-friendly. They offer free expedited shipping, free returns, and customer rewards in the form of what they call Smogi Bucks. Sounds like a company I want to support!

My package shipped the same day I ordered it, and I got it the the next business day. I couldn't believe how fast I got it!


When I opened the package, I was thrilled to see that the leggings were nicely wrapped in pretty paper with a cute sticker. I have to say that I was already feeling the love!

When I opened the paper, the product care insert was in plain view, which was nice to know how I should care for the leggings. I always hated the obscure care instructions for Lululemon products that are just little icons that I don't really understand.

The leggings themselves were an absolutely gorgeous shade of purple. I'm not sure any of my pictures do it justice.

This is the rip tag, where you can see a bit of the true purple color. 

I tried it on with my Lulu Wee Are From Space Power Y from 2012. It's a great combination! 

The first thing I noticed when I put on the leggings was how soft and comfortable they are. While they're compressive and slimming, they don't feel tight at all. In fact, I had to check the tag to make sure I ordered the right size because they were so comfortable. They are definitely the most comfortable tights I have.

I love the color and the fit. But I found them slightly sheer in deep bends. I asked my husband whether he could see my panties, and he couldn't when I just stood there but he could in a deep bend, though very faintly. And while other reviewers called these thick, I thought there were definitely on the thin side, and you could see a bit of the outline of my panties. In the photo below, I bumped up the brightness to try to see if you could see my panties, and you can definitely see the outline.

Next was a functionality check. I did a few quick yoga poses to see how well they stayed put. I found that they did stay put nicely.


This is a close-up of the legging and tank to see the true color. 

Here's a color comparison with the Yogasmoga legging in the middle, Lululemon Deep Zinfandel on the left, and Athleta  Light Morning Glory Purple on the right.

I love the tights so much and feel that the sheerness is so slight that I thought I should keep these and just wear nude panties with them. But first, I went through my wardrobe to see what I could pair them with. In order to justify a purchase, I need to make sure I can make enough outfits out of it.

Paired with a Lulu Wee Stripe White/Grey CRB.

Added a Black/Angel Wing Hyperstripe/Ruffle Forme Jacket.

Paired with Lulu Soot CRB (note this is a size up from what I normally wear hence the longer length).

Paired with a Lulu Clear Mint CRB. I think it will also work with the Bali Breeze CRB, but I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet.

What I love about this shade of purple is that black works really well with it. Some purples are so deep and dark that they don't work great with black. Here it is with a black Athleta tank.

Paired with a Lulu Parallel Stripe Push Ur Limits tank.

Sold! I'm keeping them. I've been wearing them nearly non-stop since I got them. The website said you can run in them, so I'd probably take them out on short runs in warmer weather (they won't work for long runs because I need pockets for those). Reviewers have said they don't pill and wash well, so I'm confident I'll get years of use out of these. I got a size 6, which fits like a Lululemon size 6 and Athleta size small.

I would love to try the Run, Jump 'n Play Crop and the Twistie Tank. Unlike Lululemon, Yogasmoga is a company I'm happy to support.

Do you have anything from Yogasmoga? What do you think of it? To take advantage of the current promotion, create an account and you'll get $25 off your first purchase.

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