Pace Improvements

Happy July! I'm celebrating two minor improvements.
  1. I'm learning what my 5K pace feels like. On my interval workout on Monday, I hit my 5K pace a lot more than last week. I've learned that it's slower than an all-out effort but faster than a slightly comfortable pace. I still need to work on it, but I'm getting there.
  2. My easy run pace is faster. I've been reviewing my running log, and my easy run days are averaging about 10 seconds/mile faster than they used to at the beginning of this year. I wear my Garmin but never check it mid-run on easy run days, so I think my average pace is a true measure that I might be getting a teensy bit faster. Hey, I'll take it!
I forgot to mention in my Run Less, Run Faster post that my pace is the very slowest pace in the pace tables included in the book. I'm not complaining that I'm slow; just sayin'. :-)

I'll be away from this blog for the holiday weekend, so I wish everyone luck and much fun at races and other runs this weekend. I love reading race recaps, so already I can't wait to hear how everyone's races go.

I'll leave you with some kitty pictures since my dog usually takes the spotlight.

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