Learning 5K Pace & In Between Training Plan

The humidity! Ugh! (For the record, I never once complained about running outdoors last winter. The only time I complained was when I had to run inside on a treadmill, which I only did twice. I will take winter running over summer running a million times over!)

This morning's workout was 5K pace intervals. To break 30 minutes, that needs to be 9:38, so I was shooting for an average of 9:30-9:40. A lightbulb went off this morning during my workout: I do not know what my 5K pace feels like. I did four intervals, and only on the very last time and only for a few seconds did I hit the 9:30-9:40 range. I either went too fast, 9:10-:9:20, or too slow, 9:50-10:00. This is something I need to work on.

At the end of the run, I don't think there was a dry spot on my body or head. On the last run I thought I should bring a small towel to mop my sweat but forgot, so I had to use my shirt. I either want to buy sweat cuffs or just carry a small towel.

I'll have a few weeks to work on learning my 5K pace because my half marathon training doesn't start until the last week of July. I mapped out a mini training plan for this period of being in between training. I also signed up a 5K race on July 19, the Hula Hula Hustle 5K. That sub-30 PR will be mine!

Yesterday I started my new strength training routine using weight machines. I did a full body circuit with upper body and lower body machines. I used the weight I last used when I did the machines a long time ago, and it was very heavy to me (I've gotten weaker!), so on some machines I had to drop five pounds. My arms are very sore today. I don't typically focus on my arms because I get very muscly very quickly. My husband says I'm scary when I flex, and that's when I'm not even trying to build arm strength. So I will probably only do upper body machines once a week lest I end up looking like Popeye and lower body machines twice a week.

Any tips for dealing with the sweat? Do you use your shirt, sweat cuffs, carry a towel, or something else?

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