Fit Review: Athleta Chi Top & Relay Skort

There were a few things that weren't in the Athleta store when I went at the beginning of the month that I ordered online. They came this weekend: Striped Long Sleeve Chi Top in Catalina Green, Midnight Blue Relay Skort, and Shimmer Seamless Headband.

I wanted the Chi Top for spring running when it's still a little chilly and I don't want bare arms. It's very lightweight and has unstinkable fabric. I had tried the Long Sleeve Chi Top in the store in a solid color, and I really liked it. It was very soft, just like the Chi Tank that I have and love. So I was surprised how different the striped version was. It wasn't very soft and seemed to fit differently too. When I tried it on, I didn't like it at all. The front was short and hit me at the widest part of my hips.
The back is longer. I would have liked it if the front were as long.

The fabric reminded me so much of my Lululemon Long Sleeve Fast Track Tee that I pulled it out to compare them (Fast Track is on right). I was right. The fabric was nearly identical. Both are the same lightweight fabric, both are unstinkable, and even the stripes seem identical.

The Chi Top is going back. I guess I'll stick to the Chi Tanks, which I get in an extra-long length.

I decided to get another running skort for summer. I have one from Athleta that I wore last year that I really like. I bought two others this past winter on sale. I decided to get another because I wanted a summer running bottom in blue, which I don't have. I got this one in the tall length, which is a good three inches longer than the regular length.

Now that I see how much longer the tall is, I think I might return the shorter one in the raspberry color. It was only $25 on sale, but I think it might be too short. The only thing I don't like about the skorts in general is that the rubber on the under-shorts is tight on me. I wonder if I should try to size up to a medium and see if that helps...though maybe it's better to have it be tight to keep them from riding up. I'll have to think on this. By the way, the shorter length is the same as the tall length in Lululemon's Pacesetter skort.

Dark and navy blues are my least favorite color. But I now have so many tops that will go with blue that I thought blue would be a good purchase. Here are a few of my tops that will work with this skort.

The headband was an impulse buy because it was only $4.99, on sale from $14. It's okay. Not as good as a Lulu Bangbuster, but I'll use it.

Speaking of Lulu, I stopped into the Ross Park Mall store on Saturday before going to North Park to return the Top Speed Bra. They had a ton of stuff on sale--mainly stuff in size 4 but also all the Yogi Anorak Jackets that just came out a few weeks ago (I didn't like them; apparently no one else did either).

I checked out Athleta's sneak peak of what's coming for their summer line and will be doing a post on that soon.

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