BCHM Training: Week 12 & Race Pics

Yes, the race is over, but I thought I'd still do a training recap and share more photos. Last week was a taper week. Total weekly mileage was 19.2.

60 minutes Yin Yoga, spine series

Medium pace run: 4 miles, 45 minutes, 11:09 pace


Pace run: 2 miles, 22 minutes, 10:53 pace

Yoga for Runners

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon (See race recap if you missed it.) Here are some more photos taken by the awesome volunteers.
My favorite picture of me in the race.

A little blurry, but all smiles!
The starting line
A section of the trail
After the race I unfortunately had no time for an ice bath, yoga, or even putting my legs up against the wall for a few minutes because I had to shower and get ready to drive an hour to help prep for and attend my family's Halloween party (it is their big thing that they plan a year in advance...will post photos soon!). I was, however, absolutely starving and proceeded to pig out the entire day and night. I don't feel very guilty though. :-)

Yoga for Runners
3 mile hike

I woke up with sore legs, but otherwise I felt great. I did some recovery yoga. Because it was a nice day, I wanted to go hiking with Django somewhere, so we went to Raccoon Creek State Park. I didn't think much of the 5-mile trail I suggested we hike, since that distance is pretty routine for us. However, about 1.5 miles in, I realized how tired my body was, and I knew I'd never make it the whole way. So we cut the hike short and just turned around. Lesson learned to just rest the day after a strenuous race! I did get some good photos, though.
Django at Raccoon Creek State Park

His coat blends in with the leaves!
This upcoming week will be a recovery week, though I do have a 5K race next Saturday that I'm doing just for fun.

Happy running and working out this week!

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