Five Ways to Wear Your Activewear to Work This Winter

I love when my activewear can do double-duty. Because I buy much more activewear than regular clothes, I try to supplement my work wardrobe with activewear. Here are five ways I'm wearing my activewear to the office this winter.

Note: Everything I'm wearing with the exception of the Athleta Pose Wrap is pretty old and no longer available, but this will give you an idea of colors and styles that pair well with regular clothes.

1. Leggings Under Skirts

This is a very practical option for those single-digit, below-zero-wind-chill days when you need some warmth but want to wear a skirt. Workout leggings look just like thick sweater tights and will keep your legs toasty when you run out at lunch. Black leggings are the safest choice if you work in a conservative environment. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles. While I think leggings look best with higher boots, I'm wearing them with booties to show how it looks with a bit of ankle bunching (which I probably wouldn't wear if I were attending an important meeting).

Leggings: Fabletics
Booties: Target
Sweater and skirt: Loft

Add a Scarf to Combat Cold Conference Rooms

Many activewear companies sell scarves to use as neckwarmers on cold runs and as a light coverup. I have scarves from Lululemon, Oiselle, and Fabletics. It seems like conference rooms are also freezing. Many of my coworkers will bring their winter jackets into meetings! A scarf is a much more chic yet still cozy way to fend off the chill. 

Vinyasa Scarf: Lululemon

2. Longsleeve Top Under Blazer or Cardi

We all have these basic longsleeve tops in our workout wardrobes, so why not get more use out of them? Mine is soft and feels much more cozy than a cotton blouse. A neutral color works best--save the neon for early morning runs! A blazer or cardi will cover up the thumbholes, so no one would ever guess you wore it running just a few days before. Because many workout tops are made with delicate fabrics, be careful not to wear jewelry with sharp edges that can snag the top. I like to wear a scarf to be on the safe side.

Chi Top: Athleta
Velvet Blazer: Loft
Skirt: Banana Republic
Scarf: Target
Leggings: Fabletics
Boots: Victoria's Secret

3. Tank Under Sweater

Layering a tank under a sweater adds warmth while giving the outfit a pop of color.

Cool Racerback Tank in Bumble Berry: Lululemon
Sweater: Loft
Everything else the same as in #2.

4. Wrap as Cardi

To-and-fro pieces are big in activewear, helping you stay covered, warm, and stylish before and after workouts. Wraps are a great investment that can be worn year-round when layered with less or more, and they can easily transform into a cardi for the office.

Pose Wrap: Athleta
Cool Racerback Tank in Bruised Berry: Lululemon
Black skinny cords: Loft
Boots: Jambu

5. Casual Top for Casual Friday

Many activewear companies also offer more casual tops for layering pieces. These work nicely for casual days at the office, but be sure to wear ones without visible thumbholes. The one I'm wearing actually has hidden thumbholes, which is perfect. Because the necks of casual workout tops tend to be wide to show off tank and bra straps, I like to wear infinity or other types of scarves to hide the neck. This is me in my office last Friday.

Top: Athleta
Cool Racerback Tank in Heathered Concord Grape: Lululemon
Jeans: Loft
Scarf: Handmade by a friend
Booties: Jambu

Do you wear your activewear to work? 

Bonus: Photo Bomb!

Guess who kept photo bombing my photo shoot? Django was running around like a nut and getting in all my shots, so I had to put him inside! And after he went inside, one of the feral cats I care for made in appearance an some of the shots too. They crack me up!

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