2016 Goals

Happy new year! It was rough staying up to ring in the new year last night! I had to take a little nap around 10, and my poor husband struggled to get me back up in time to count down the new year. But I did it! We had a fun night of snacking on delicious appetizers (I'll be posting recipes!), playing games, and dancing around. Well, I was the only one dancing, mainly to try to keep awake.

I was most excited about my outfit. I wore my new Alala Mesh Long Sleeve that I'll be reviewing, Michi magenta Antigravity Bra, Beyond Yoga Shimmer Leggings, and vegan Jambu boots.
New Year's Eve 2015

This is what happened when I tried to take a picture with Django.
Happy New Year!
How Django spent New Year's Eve.

2016 Goals

Let's talk goals! Most years, including 2015, I set a bunch of different goals but then forget about all but my fitness-related goals. I don't have a problem meeting my fitness goals probably because that's all I focus on. I factored that challenge into my 2016 goals. I also simplified my approach to goal setting to address the ones that are most important to me this year, so I have only three goals.

1. Run a full marathon. I've mentioned many times that in 2016 I'll train for and run my first full marathon. While I'll do a number of activities to meet this goal, this will be my only running goal for the year.

2. Achieve balance between running and other important areas of my life. My husband likes to say that if I'm not running, I'm thinking about running, reading about running, talking about running, blogging about running, or shopping for running clothes. He's right. While I met all my running goals for 2015, I can see that I did so at the expense of other things. This year, I want to achieve a better balance between running and
In practice, I'll be planning each month out so that if I have a very high-volume week, I will likely do less cooking, housecleaning, and blogging and spending my little free time with my husband. In weeks I'm running less, I'll be able to focus more on all those things.

3. Achieve an ideal weight based on the way I feel and the fit of my clothes, not the scale. 
This is a big departure from how I've always thought of weight management. I achieved my goal weight five years ago this month, and since then the number of my goal weight has always been on my mind. In 2015 I made huge strides in having a confidence with my body that I'd never had before and being happy with the way I look. And yet, all year I was over my goal weight and struggled to lose 3-5 pounds. In my mind, if I wasn't at the goal weight I set five years ago, then I was a failure. I'm stopping that insanity right now. In talking with my sister, who works for Weight Watchers, she made me realize that it's okay to change, that the goal weight I set five years ago may not be my ideal weight today, especially because it's harder to maintain weight loss as I get older. This year I'm seeking a new goal weight, where I feel happy and confident with my body and the way I fit into clothes. Whenever that happens, I'm going to step on the scale, and that's going to be my new goal weight. I can declare a new goal weight at Weight Watchers (as long as it's in my healthy weight range for my height), so I should then be easily able to keep my free Lifetime Member status and stop the mentality of always feeling like I need to lose a few pounds.

2016 Activities and To-Dos


While those are the three things I most want to accomplish in 2016, I have a number of other things that are important to me in the areas of my relationship with my husband, blogging, eating healthier, managing my finances, managing my house, and work. I wrote out everything I want to accomplish in those areas. My plan for 2016 is to set time each month to cross-check my big goals with all my to-dos so that I'm spending time on what matters most to me while still accomplishing other things. Each month I'll come up with a list of to-dos that is a balance of everything and will print it and hang it at work and at home to make sure that non-fitness goals and activities don't slip through the cracks. I plan on sharing some of my to-dos for blogging and eating healthier on this blog but will be keeping the others private since they don't fit into my blogging theme...and also, it's not going to be any fun to read a post about how I'm cleaning out my basement!

Here's to a happy, healthy, and fun 2016 for us all!

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