Holiday Card Swap

Last year I participate in the Holiday Card Swap hosted by Lacey and Meranda at Fairytales and Fitness and enjoyed it so much I did it again this year.

The person I got to send a card to was Lacey from Fairytales and Fitness! I knew that Lacey was training for an ultramarathon so originally wanted to get her something for her race. I read that some headband from The North Face was popular with ultramarathoners because they could be used a number of different ways (to hold ice, to wipe sweat, etc.), but I couldn't find one anywhere. I thought of gels and fuel, but fueling options are such a personal choice. I considered a book on ultrarunning, but that would have been too big to fit into a card.

Next I thought of something Disney related. My first choice was a gift card to use at a future Disney race. But after searching everywhere, I couldn't find anything that said Disney gift cards could be used for races. (Can they?) So I did a search on Amazon for "Disney running," and I have to admit that I almost bought these!
Or these, which I think are pretty cool (and the Cheshire Cat is my personal favorite).

But then I thought I remembered either Lacey or Meranda saying they pretty much only ever wear black tights...and plus these wouldn't have fit in the card. Lacey, you almost ended up with Disney running tights! :)

The only thing I was able to find that I thought might fit into the card were Disney Jelly Belly beans, but the card wouldn't have been flat and I know the cards are sorted through machines and need to be flat.

So after all those ideas, I ended up getting her an Amazon gift card. :) And Lacey is so sweet that she sent me a nice thank-you note.

Yesterday I got my card from my secret blogger in the mail! It was from Kathryn at From Dancing to Running. She was so sweet to include a nice note wishing me the best with my training and a Starbucks gift card! Starbucks is a real treat for me (I love their soy lattes) that I don't have a lot, so I was excited to get the gift card. Thanks so much, Kathryn! I will very much enjoy it!

And thanks very much to Lacey and Meranda for hosting this fun holiday card swap!