Awesome Dog Collars for the Holidays & Every Day

What are you getting your dog this holiday? Django's present will be crocheted deer antlers, which he will absolutely hate wearing. At least I'm not still making him wear this:

I'm also still trying to find him a new bed. He got one present already--a new collar in a very pretty holiday plaid pattern from my friend Alicia who makes collars.

Alicia is the dog equivalent of a crazy cat lady. She loves not only greyhounds but all dogs. She spent her own money last year to travel to Spain to volunteer to help the Galgos. (Galgos, or Spanish greyhounds, look like greyhounds but are a different breed. They are ritualistically tortured or, at best, left to fend for themselves on the streets, after being bred for hunting each year. The lucky ones are rescued by shelters, like the one Alicia volunteered at, where they find homes in the US and other countries since few Spaniards deem them acceptable to have as pets. It's very sad.) She's also just the best dog mom. When her greyhound Henry was diagnosed with cancer, she made the difficult decision to have the leg that had the cancer removed to give him a chance at some more time. He lived a year and a half longer and finally  succumbed to cancer a few months ago. Alicia made every minute of his life as enjoyable as she could, taking him on lots of trips, letting him run in the ocean and in the woods, and just being there for him. She recently adopted another greyhound and now has two.

Alicia started making dog collars a few years ago and finds the best fabrics. She started out making martingale collars, which greyhounds must wear because their heads are so small that normal collars can slip off. She's expanded to making regular collars for all dogs and t-shirts. I have one of her t-shirts, and it's blousy, very soft, and my very favorite tee! This is Django's collection of collars that Alicia made.

If you're interested in a new collar for your pup and like cool and different patterns, check out her shop on Etsy--Wetherby Martingale Company. I love them all, but here are my favorites of the ones she has now:
Provincial Roosters

Swedish Foxes
Support the Troops, for all you Star Wars fans!

If I had a girl dog, she'd totally be wearing this.

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