2015 Highlights & Random Things

I love looking back at the year and was nearly done with a long post recapping 2015 in pictures...and I somehow lost the whole post! Ugh! It will take me forever to recreate it, so instead I'll do just a few non-running highlights since I already recapped the year in running. I also thought it would be fun to list some random things from the year.

2015 Highlights

In May, my husband Dave and I spent a long weekend in Boston visiting friends, and we celebrated the third "gotcha" anniversary of when we adopted our greyhound Django.

In July, Dave, Django, and I spent a long weekend in West Virginia. We rented the same house on 40+ private acres we rented the year before. It was an awesome weekend relaxing and hiking.
Our rental house

In September, I celebrated my 42nd birthday and 13th wedding anniversary. We spent our anniversary in Yellowstone National Park, my favorite of all the national parks we've visited and an incredible experience. We also visited Grand Teton National Park, making our total list of national parks visited 15. We also spent time in Salt Lake City, which I loved. America is such a beautiful country, and there are so many scenic areas that I still want to explore.
Grand Prismatic Pool in Yellowstone.

Hiking in Grand Teton National Park
After getting back from vacation, I noticed my 9.5-year-old cat Orla, who has had feline leukemia since she was a kitten, was wobbly and unable to walk straight or jump on things. I immediately thought the worst, that she had cancer and her time was ending. She actually had an ear infection, and while she has some permanent nerve damage resulting in a slight imbalance and hearing loss, she is doing really well. She really does have nine lives! I'm grateful for her good health, as well as the good health of my other cats Elsie and Rasputin.

Elsie and Rasputin on their chair.

Random Things from 2015

Looking Ahead to 2016

I'll soon be posting my goals for 2016. I'm excited because I'm taking a different approach to goal-setting this year. I'm enjoying these last few days of 2015 and hope you are too!

Tell me one highlight or random thing from your 2015!

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