Weekly Recap: Oct. 26 - Nov. 1

Happy Sunday and happy November! I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. I think I've read everything I can possibly read about the NYC Marathon. Yay, Meb! Can't wait to read race recaps!

This was my first week back to running and was supposed to be a few short, easy runs. I enjoyed every minute of these runs, which totaled 11.63. It's funny how taking one week off from running makes you miss it so much. I was also happy to get in four sessions of strength training. Here's how the week went. I'm joining Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap, which was a lot of fun last week!

After doing strength the preceding weekend for the first time in months, I was incredibly sore. I didn't want to lift weights again, but I couldn't run either since I ran Sunday and was supposed to run only every other day. I decided to do a yoga workout, and after some searching landed on Kathryn Budig's core yoga video from Yoga Journal. Holy hell was it hard. My abs were also sore from strength over the weekend, and I could barely do the video. After 15 minutes of pain, I turned the video off and just did hip openers. In the video you practice the jump-throughs that you do in Ashtanga. I used to do Ashtanga regularly for more than a year but never mastered the jump-throughs. I want to get yoga blocks, which is how Kathryn has you practice in her video, so I can start practicing them. Anyway, this is a lot of words to say I took a rest day!

Easy run: 3 miles
It was 40 degrees and felt lovely. So nice to be back to running!
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I want to keep Wednesday as my rest day because that's the rest day in Hansons', but because I took Monday off and my soreness had gone away, I did 25 minutes of lower body and core strength training.

Easy run: 3 miles
It was 51, raining lightly, and very windy when I went out. The wind made it seem really cold! Oh, and remind me never to wear this Brooks LSD jacket again. It sucks. It doesn't protect from the wind and rain at all. I should just put it in my Goodwill pile.
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Django training run: .63 miles
After I got back, I changed into my trusty Lulu Miss Misty Jacket (so much better!) and took Django out for his first Turkey Trot training run. He loved it! I was able to get a short video of how excited he was.

In the evening I did 21 minutes of upper body strength training.

I did 28 minutes of lower body and core strength training.

Django training run: 1 mile
It was 45 and sunny when we went out--a beautiful morning! Django did much better with not stopping and peeing so much, and we were able to run the mile in 10:20, which is about the pace I hope to run with him in the race (though, because runners with dogs have to start in the back and it's such a crowded race, I'll be happy if we can run at any pace instead of getting stuck behind walkers). In the last half of the mile, Django started fading and slowing down. But I kept encouraging him and telling him he was doing a good job, and he didn't quit, so that's good.
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I had planned to head out for a few more miles, but I was running late and needed to get to the grocery store to get stuff to make an appetizer to take to my family's Halloween party.  I did get in 20 minutes of upper body strength training though.

In the afternoon we drove an hour to my mom's house, stopping first at a nearby park to take Django on a walk.
Walking Django in the afternoon

My family has a huge Halloween extravaganza every year. They have a lot of land and spend months decorating. They've been doing this since 2004 but decided last year was the last big year because it was so much work. This year they still did a few things, but it was only about a tenth of what they usually do. As usual, they made a bonfire and we sat outside watching movies on a giant screen they fashioned out of white sheets tied to trees and waiting for trick-or-treaters. We watched Nightmare Before Christmas first while trick-or-treating was going on. It was like a kid magnet. All the little kids stopped to watch it, and their parents had to pry them away. Next we watched one of our favorite scary movies from when we were growing up: Children of the Corn. I can still recite the first few minutes of the movie by heart because I've watched that movie about a million times. It was a lot of fun, as always! Here are some pictures my husband took.

They make all the gravestones, statues, and everything in the cemetery.
In the cemetery
The pet cemetery.
One of the statues they made.

Easy run: 4 miles
I had a bit of a hard cider and candy hangover from the night before, so I got a really late start. Good thing we gained an hour when the clocks went back! When I headed out, it was a warm 53 degrees and felt great.
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In the afternoon we took Django on a walk to the park so he could do two of his favorite things in the world: 1.) pee on leaves and 2.) kick them all over.

This week will still just be easy runs, but I'll start adding some mileage. Have a great week!

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