Weekly Recap 11/23 - 11/29: A Step Back

Happy Sunday! I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend and got to spend time with family and friends. Mine was wonderful but went way too quickly.

I'm joining Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. I really like this link-up and have already discovered some great new blogs. I'm thankful to be part of the run blog community!

Last week wasn't what I'd originally planned. I've been building my mileage and adding speedwork since taking some rest after my goal half marathon in mid-October. I've been missing the six days of running I did on the Hansons' plan and wanted to increase my runs from five to six days this past week. But then I wondered why not just start the Hansons' plan! The plan is 18 weeks, but I planned to spend the rest of the year doing my own thing and starting it in January for a 12-week training plan. When I looked at the Hansons' plan again, I realized that what I planned on doing on my own was essentially what I'd be doing on the plan. So I decided to start a 16-week training plan tomorrow for my end-of-March half marathon. I'll be modifying the plan a bit and will post about my plan this week. So, since this was to be my last week before I start training, I figured I'd do a step-back week and only run four days. I did fantastic with my strength training but missed two days of doing planks and of tracking what I eat. Total mileage was 16.35.

I did a 10-minute Pilates abs workout using the Pilates ring. Great workout!

In the evening we went to Burgatory for my husband's birthday. I love their vegan veggie burgers! We got onion rings as an appetizer, and they were the biggest onion rings we'd ever seen. We each ate one and were pretty much full, ha ha. A fun night!
Cashew Lentil Vegan Burger at Burgatory
Holy huge onion rings!

Morning easy run: 4 miles (33 degrees, feels like 30)
Athleta Plush Tech Hoodie
Lululemon Heathered Slate Speed Tights

Evening: 30 minutes of lower body and core strength training

Rest day! Did the Essential Yoga for Runners video from Runner's World.

Turkey Trot with my greyhound Django!
Lululemon Think Fast Pullover
Athleta White Chi Tank Extra Long
Beyond Yoga Shimmer Essential Leggings

Dave and I spent the day at my mom's for Thanksgiving dinner, where my family made me vegan versions of my favorite foods. I'm thankful for my family!

Morning easy run: 4 miles (55 degrees!)
2015 Turkey Trot race shirt
Athleta Grey Relay Capris

In the afternoon Dave, Django, and I went on a 2.78-mile urban hike. We walked from our house to climb very steep city steps to the Fineview neighborhood that we don't go to a lot. Fineview is small but has a fantastic overlook of the city, hence the name. Once at the top, we then had to walk down a bunch of steep city steps and back to our neighborhood. It was a nice way to spend a beautiful day (it was in the mid-60s), but it really wore Django out and he was dragging at the end. We ended the night around our firepit, wondering if it would be the last firepit before winter comes.

A new mural in my neighborhood
Django and me at the Fineview overlook

This is usually a run day, but I just did 32 minutes of lower body and core strength training. It was raining all day, so we just did a short walk with Django.

Morning easy run: 5 miles (37, feels like 34)
Lululemon Full Tilt Long Sleeve & Bordeaux Drama Speed Tights

In the afternoon we went on a 2-mile walk with Django to a local park and back, and then later I did 10 minutes of upper body strength training.

So, I guess the post office now delivers on Sunday? I got a notification that my new vacuum cleaner I ordered on Friday was going to be delivered, and I was surprised to see a USPS truck delivering it. I've never been more excited to vacuum and tried it on hardwood, carpet, and using the attachment for stairs. It's awesome, but of course, all vacuum cleaners are awesome when they're brand new. Time will tell whether it can hold a candle to my old Dyson when it comes to longevity.

I'm ready and excited to start training tomorrow! Happy running and working out this week!

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