Review: Lululemon Rulu & Herringbone Speed Tights + Guide to Lulu Tight Warmth

I pretty much only wear Lululemon's Speed Tights for fall and winter running and wanted to try the newest tights released in different textures. I current have the following Speed Tights, in order from least warm to warmest:
Note: I tried taking pictures outside so they'd be better, but the shadows from the trees messed up my pics. I'm doomed to have bad try-on pics! 

The first new Speed Tights I tried were the giant herringbone black heathered forest teal--basically, they're green with a herringbone print. I don't have run tights in either green or a texture like herringbone, so I was excited to try these. When I got them, I immediately noticed how different the fabric is. Luxtreme is a slick-feeling fabric, and all of my other Speed Tights feel slick. While Luxtreme holds up very well on tights and doesn't pill, many of my tops (particularly Lulu CRBs and Swiftlys) ride up when I run, so I need to tuck them in. The fabric on the herringbone Speed Tights is Luxtreme, but it's not slick at all. Some reviewers thought the fabric was scratchy, and while the fabric isn't soft, I also wouldn't describe it as scratchy. One reviewer said it best when she described it as dry. For me, that's actually a plus because tops might not ride up against it as much. The fabric also felt as thin as the regular version of the Speed Tights.

When I tried them on for the first time, I noticed two things immediately: 1.) They fit much tighter than regular Speed Tights and 2.) The herringbone pattern curves inward on the thighs instead of going straight down like it does on the calves. The non-straight pattern really bothered me at first, to the point that I planned to return them.

I got my usual size in Speed Tights (6), and the seam on the back of the thigh creates a bit of sausage effect when I bend my legs, but it miraculously isn't uncomfortable and doesn't dig in. I'm very hesitant to get a size up because the first pair of Speed Tights I got was a size 8, and they fall down if I don't cinch the drawcord really tight.

Well, I'm still torn on these tights. I've tried them on about 10 times. I like the pattern and color. I can wear most of my current winter running tops with them. They're a hair tight, but I'm confident I'll be back to my goal weight soon enough and they'll fit a bit better then. Plus, I actually have only one other pair of Speed Tights in this weight, and this week I ran out of tights and had to wear a pair of Oiselle tights I really dislike (because of pilling, uneven seams, and just being unflattering!). I had the herringbone Speed Tights on outside when it was in the upper 50s, and they felt very warm. I won't know until I run in them, but I think they might be somewhere between regular and brushed Speed Tights on the warmth factor. I'm keeping the tags on for now. If tights come out in a solid green color, I'd prefer them, but I also could use another pair of tights in this weight. I'm leaning towards returning these, though.
The best pic I took, and the dog gets in the way. :(
Side view, showing side pocket and ruching detail at the bottom
Close-up of the fabric looking down at my thigh--you can see the pattern curves inward.

I also ordered the new Speed Tights in the rulu fabric. I was so excited for these because I love Speed Tights, love the soft and warm rulu fabric, and love the pretty violet color.

This was the disappointment of the year--they're awful! The rulu fabric used in the tights is the same as that used in vinyasa scarves and not in warm running tops. The rulu is very thin and when stretched out has little holes in it. Not good for a winter running tight! The fabric was very soft and felt good on, but talk about unflattering. There is zero compression or structure in this tight (I ordered my usual size 6), so basically what you look like naked is what you look like in these tights. When I wore them outside to take photos, it was in the upper 50s but very breezy...and I felt the breeze go right through them! Also, the fabric just isn't really technical, and I can't see it holding up to running. I don't think these would keep you warm at all. Definitely returning these. If these get marked down--and they might because they're getting really bad reviews--a ton, I might buy a pair for lounging, but I would not wear these for running.

This is the fabric held up against the window--you can see the little holes in it,
even when not stretched!

Here's my list again of Speed Tights from least warm to warmest with these two additions.

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