My Last Monthly Goals Update

Hello from an absolutely gorgeous November day here in Pittsburgh! Usually we don't use the words "gorgeous" and "November" in the same sentence here. November tends to be pretty gloomy and rainy--though last year was actually pretty nice. November came in like a lamb, with cool mornings giving way to warm, sunny days and temps in the mid to high 70s. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, especially because I get to run when it's cold in the mornings so I don't have to run in warm weather.

Inspired by other bloggers, I started setting and tracking monthly goals this year. But these posts are the hardest for me to write because they're just so boring! And if they're boring for me to write, I'm sure they're boring for you to read. I tend to set variations of the same goals--run, yoga, strength train, maintain my weight/lose the 3-7 pounds that I always seem to lose then gain. I guess it's taken me this long to realize that those things aren't really goals; they're just a way of life for me now. So, I won't be posting about monthly goals anymore unless I decide to do something really different.

As for October, I ended up with just over 100 miles of running (100.23 to be exact). But in looking at my mileage, I realized I made a huge error last month in my miles for the year. I reported that according to Daily Mile, I'd run 1,261 miles through the end of September. Well, in looking at Daily Mile now, I see that I was looking at not just 2015 miles, but the miles from November and December 2014 after I first joined DM. Oops! So the correct mileage for the year through the end of October is actually 1,145. That's still over the 1,000 miles I set as a yearly goal though.

Work and life are super busy now, so this is a short one. But I'm still working on my winter running gear guide. I want to make it as comprehensive and useful as I can, so it's taking me some time. I'm hoping to post that by this weekend.

If you're also having nice weather, I hope you're enjoying it! Even though it's dark so early now, we've still been taking the dog on long walks every evening and then hanging out around our fire pit.

And because Django usually gets the spotlight on this blog, I'll leave you with a pic of my kitty Elsie enjoying the sunshine. She has a heavy brow so looks mean, but she's super sweet.

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