My First Marathon Will Be...

In 2016 I plan to tackle my biggest challenge yet--a full marathon. I've put a lot of thought into which marathon to do and have decided...unless anyone suggests one I haven't thought of that meets my requirements, which are:

Other plusses would be:

I've ruled out all spring races. The weather is just too iffy after March. These are the fall races that I'd like to do but have ruled out.

You've probably guessed by now which one I picked. It's pretty much the only one that meets all my requirements--Philadelphia! The race is this upcoming Sunday, and the end of November has a very high potential for cold weather here. This year, the high is supposed to only get up to 48 in Philly on Sunday, which is absolutely perfect. A friend is running the full this year, so I plan to get all the details from her about the course. In addition to having an end-of-November date, I love Philly. When I told my husband I was thinking of doing the race, he was excited and said we could stay there after the race and do a mini-vacation. We both love Philly but haven't been there in years, so it would be really fun to go back. And while Philly is farther to drive to than Wineglass, Columbus, or Harrisburg, it's still a pretty easy car ride to get there. The only negatives I can see are that the pace groups are only ever half-hour (5:00 and 5:30) and there could be a lot of crowds. Still, the pros win out over the cons.

What do you think? Have you ever done Philly or known anyone who has? Are there other races that meet my requirements that I haven't thought of?