Review: Lululemon Kanto Catch Me Short, Sweaty or Not Crop Tee, and No Meat Athlete Tank

For me at least, shorts season is done until next year, but I couldn't resist ordering the new Kanto Catch Me Short that Lululemon released last week. I've said previously how much I love their four-inch Tracker Shorts but wished they were an inch longer. And while I like the five-inch Go the Distance Short, I found them to be too baggy. The Kanto Catch Me Short is five inches plus has three waistband pockets.

I really like the longer length. The waistband is wide and very comfortable. My other Lulu shorts have only one pocket, so it would be nice to have a pair with three pockets.

I ordered a size 8, which is what I wear in Trackers. The fit of the Kanto Catch Me Short is very slim. There is not much wiggle room for my thighs, and when I ran in them (a test jog around the house), they were tight on my legs.

They are also very fitted, bordering on too tight, in the rear, though I do think the fitted style looks better than baggy styles.

I'm hesitant to get a bigger size because I learned my lesson with my too-big Go the Distance Shorts having too much fabric when I run. Plus, I wonder whether the tightness isn't just related to my weight being up, though my size 8 Trackers still fit me fine. While I love the waistband and length, I'm going to return these because the fit isn't ideal. If you like the slimmer leg of the Run Times Short and want a longer length, these would probably work great for you.

I'm wearing two different tops in my try-on pictures. The first is the Sweaty or Not Crop Tee in Heathered Iris Flower, which I got marked down (it's still available in one size and runs big). I had my eye on this when it came out this summer but didn't want to pay full price. I snagged it immediately when it got marked down. I really love it and can't wait to wear it next summer! The fabric is Lulu's very light, stinkproof fabric. The open back will be awesome for hot, sweaty runs. In summer, tanks that come over my butt make my butt too hot (ha, if only I had that problem!), so I really like the crop length, which skims the top of my waist but doesn't reveal my belly. This tee will also look cute layered over a longer tank, especially if my tank is sweaty from a run and I have to go somewhere in public. This was a great score!

I also recently ordered a No Meat Athlete tank. When I saw the newly redesigned logo, I couldn't resist. Plus, it says "Runs on plants" on the back. I had to have it! The tank is made by Alo Sport, and it's actually a really great tank. The fabric is very soft, and it drapes beautifully. This is another tank I can't wait to wear next summer.

Sweaty or Not Crop Tee (size 6)
Kanto Catch Me Short (size 8)
The open back of the Sweaty or Not Crop Tee.
You can see how tight the rear is in these shorts.
I moved my left leg up a little so you can see how the fabric gets tighter.
The wide, comfortable waistband has two front pockets and a back zippered pocket.

Here you can see there's not much wiggle room for my thighs. Photo also shows
the slightly shorter back and reflective stripe on the side.
Runs on plants! With misaligned bra straps!

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