Rest Week: Walks, Scary Movies & A Clean House

Happy Sunday! Today for the first time I'm joining Holly from HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap.

First, congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend. There were so many races going on, and I loved checking my Instagram feed to find out how everyone did.

This past week was a rest week after running my goal race, the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon. While I was sore only until Wednesday, I honored my decision to take seven days off running. It was a wonderful week, and I did things I didn't have a chance to do during training.

I took longer walks with my dog in the morning than I usually do, about 45 minutes, and went on a longer walk with my husband and our dog in the evenings for about an hour.

We walked through the fall leaves on longer walks at local parks on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we went to Schenley Park.
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Today we went to a supposedly haunted road in North Park, Blue Mist Road. We didn't see any ghosts, but a few times Django did start whining and didn't want to keep going, though that's not totally unusual for him! The road is five miles but we only walked out two and then came back for a total of four miles. There is a very old graveyard and an old hanging tree farther down the road, which becomes a dirt path. We found a spot where we can cut into the road two miles in, so we'll go back again to try to find the cemetery. We did see wild turkeys though!
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I got in two sessions of yoga that felt so good, as well as lots of stretching and foam rolling.

The weather was so gorgeous that we were able to give the dog a bath outside, which may be his last outdoors bath until next spring.

On Saturday, I started my new strength training routine and did 25 minutes of lower body and core. On Sunday, I did 20 minutes of upper body. When I have the time like I do now that I'm not training, I like to dedicate sessions to upper and lower instead of full-body. That way I can do the workouts back to back without a rest day in between and can get more strength work in.

With my seven days off running over with, I went for a run today! It was a short, 2.85-mile easy run. It was 58 and drizzling, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I watched too many scary movies. They're like an addiction for me--I know they're bad for me, but I can't help but watch them. When we didn't have cable, it was easy to avoid them. But now that we have cable and they're on constantly, it's hard to resist. They're bad for me because a.) I let out bloodcurdling screams when I watch them that terrify the cats and dog and b.) I can't stop thinking about them, especially when I have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. (It doesn't help that we have a house ghost who has come and gone over the years, with the last incident just a few months ago. I am planning on writing a post about it right before Halloween!)

I also watched an awesome movie--McFarland! If you have not seen this movie and you're a runner, rent it immediately! I watched the ending three times and bawled my eyes out each time. For those who have seen the movie, I can totally relate to Danny Diaz, so I was thrilled at the ending!

I deep-cleaned my house. I think part of my stress while at the end of my training was because I just didn't have time to clean my house. This past week and weekend, I did things I haven't done in too long, like wash the kitchen cubpoards, walls, and baseboards (how do walls get so dirty???). It feels sooooo good. I also put away (most) of my summer clothes and took out (most) of my winter clothes.

And lastly, my greyhound Django and I spectated the EQT 10-Miler this morning. The course comes close to my house, so it was easy to walk over and stand just after the 5-mile marker. It's always fun to watch an entire race to see the trickle of people at the beginning become a flood of people in the middle and then a trickle at the end. I was able to see and cheer on Gretchen and Joanna, who both had great races! Django got a lot of attention. Countless people made some remark about him to me, and three people actually stopped running to come over to pet him, and one woman took a selfie with him (she also has a greyhound and wanted to make hers jealous, ha ha). I'm glad he provided some distraction to everyone running. I also couldn't believe how many people thanked me for coming out and cheering. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Runners are the best!

Have a great week, everyone!

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