Race Pics, Final Training Recap & General Updates

Happy Friday! I had a few things I wanted to share so am wrapping it all into this post.

First is my final training recap. Posting this recap is anticlimactic, but I wanted to document it, especially if anyone is wondering what the final week of taper is like on Hansons. In the plan, you don't decrease days of running but instead run the same amount of days but decrease mileage and intensity. In the last week of the plan, there are only short, easy runs. I decreased the mileage each day by one mile since I was shooting for minutes (50) instead of miles (5). Total mileage for the week including the race was 27.1. AND, I did hit my projected 500.35 total training miles for this cycle!

Week 15 Training Update

Monday: 4 miles, 53 minutes
Tuesday: 4 miles, 51 minutes
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 4 miles, 53 minutes
Friday: 2 miles, 26 minutes
Saturday: Race day! Recap is here if you missed it.

Race Pictures

The awesome volunteers took great photos that they made available for free on Shutterfly.
Around mile 5 or 6--all smiles!
At mile 12--serious and focused on my last big push.
The glorious finish line!
So I didn't realize until I saw this picture, but my water bottle must have not have been closed, and my water bottle had been leaking onto my shirt during the race. Oops!

Also, here's a general shot of the beautiful race course.

Thanks to the volunteers for these great pictures!


I had told my husband not to come to the race to see me cross the finish line. For this race, I went with Amanda, and there really wasn't a point in him having to drive 1.5 hours just to see me cross the finish line. When I got home, I found this absolutely perfect gift from Dave to congratulate me on my race:

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Yes, flowers and a baguette. He knows me so well!

Django and Dave were waiting for me to go for a walk. I was a bit stiff from the car ride, and my right hip was a bit sore from the race, but in general I didn't feel tired and was up for a longer walk. We ended up walking 3 miles from our house to the Zombie Fest, though we didn't go in because we didn't want to pay the $10 admission. Usually after a race I am dead tired and have to take a nap. This is the first race that I felt great afterward, though I was a bit tired after walking an additional 3 miles.

When I woke on Sunday, though, hoo boy was I sore. I could barely move my legs. We met our friends and their greyhound at the dog park in the afternoon--when we got our first snow of the year (for like a minute). I usually run around with the dogs in the dog park, but there was no way I could run even a step. It took until Wednesday for the soreness to go away.

I wanted to take a week of complete rest, and this week has been lovely. I've slept in, gone on long walks with my dog in the mornings and with my dog and husband in the evenings, did a few wonderful sessions of gentle yoga, and in general have been enjoying my rest.

I've also gotten back to normal eating, which I'm so happy about it. My trip to the grocery store this week was the first time I didn't buy bananas and bagels in months! It feels so good to be back to eating things like mushroom soup and tofu scrambles without having to worry about getting all my carbs in.

I've also spent a lot of time thinking about what's next for me. I'm excited about my new plans and will be sharing them in Sunday's post.

General Updates

I wrote a week or so ago how my cat Orla, who has feline leukemia, was having problems with her equilibrium and might have cancer and not long to leave. Well, I swear she has nine lives. She is doing great! My vet didn't wanted to give her more medicine once her dose of two-week antibiotic and cortisone wore off. If she declined, that meant she likely had cancer and would continue to decline. (He is against doing tests for cancer because the stress of the procedures would do her more harm than good.) Well, she continues to do well! She probably has permanent nerve damage in her ear from the infection, but she is adjusting. She has free reign of the house again and has learned that she can't jump on very high places, so she will jump on lower places as steps to get up high. And she's also learned to dig in with her claws a bit when she lands to stabilize her. When she looks at me, she tilts her head to the side, which I know is because of the problem in her ear, but is really cute. So, that's very good news.

How awesome is this weather? Fall is just the best, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. If I love the cool weather, Django loves it even more. He's full of piss and vinegar and will get so excited on walks that he'll start play bowing and running around in circles in the middle of walks. It's nice that I'm now able to spend so much time with him on walks.

While I was training, I stopped tracking my points in Weight Watchers or worrying about maintaining my weight. That was nice while it lasted. When I went on vacation and started tapering shortly after, I continued not tracking and eating willy-nilly. Well, hello again weight gain. Believe it or not, I still haven't replaced the batteries in my scale, so I'm not sure how much I've gained, but my pants from last winter are tight and I can see I'm heavier in my race pictures. I have been maintaining my weight loss for 4.5 years, so you'd think I'd have learned by now that I can't just eat willy-nilly and expect to not gain weight. So, here I go again...back on the weight loss wagon.

This Sunday is the EQT 10-Miler in Pittsburgh. This is the third year for it, and each year I haven't been able to do it. This year, they moved the date up to the week after my goal race, and I didn't want to have another race on my calendar so soon. So instead, Django and I will be spectating! If you're running, look for us at the end of East Ohio Street, right before the course turns right to go across the 16th Street Bridge and into the Strip District.

Have a great weekend!

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