Goals Update: October

Happy October...a few days late! I'm still trying to get caught up with being away on vacation, and the new month caught me off guard. Re-entry is tough!

Okay, let's talk goals. In September I ran 153.05 miles. I was curious what my yearly mileage is, so I checked Daily Mile, where I log all my runs. According to Daily Mile (which rounds up or down), I ran 1,261 miles through the end of September. I had set a yearly goal to run 1,000 miles, so I'm already well past that!

September Goals

1. Continue following the Hansons' plan, but modify while on vacation.
Yes...until vacation. I ran as many days as I planned to during vacation but less mileage. And then I cut the first two runs after vacation (Monday and Tuesday in last week's recap) short.

2. Continue strength training.
Yes...until vacation.  

3. Stretch daily, do yoga, and use the foam roller.
Yes...until vacation.    

4. Maintain my weight loss.
I think so? I still haven't replaced the batteries in my scale so I have no idea what I weigh. My clothes fit the same, so I'm guessing I've maintained. I need to check.

5. Get more sleep.
Yes! I used to do fine on 7 hours of sleep but in September increased that to 7.5-8 hours. And on vacation I got about 9 hours a night.

October Goals

I only post my fitness goals on this blog, but my personal to-do list is a mile long and I have a bunch of other goals o start working on now that I've given myself a one-year plan to move to Salt Lake City. So my goals for October are short and sweet and focused on my goal race.

1. Finish the Hansons' training and execute my race-day plan for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon. Instead of making goals for my race, I'll be making a plan. If I execute that plan, I should have a really good race.

2. Add in strength training, yoga, and foam rolling as much as I can until the race.

3. Take one week of rest after the race.

4. Decide what I'm going to do after the race. I'll do a separate post about this, but I'm torn between two options. I need some time to think things through and figure out what's next.

How did you do on your goals last month? Any big goals for October?