Fantasy Activewear Shopping

Happy Friday and start to the Labor Day weekend! It's been too long since we've talked activewear on here, and that's the most important part of working out, right? ;-) If you're in the market for new activewear, be sure to check out your favorite brands' websites this weekend because many will be having sales. I'm hoping Athleta has a sale since I have several birthday gift cards/coupons to use and have a few things on my wish list.

I was looking at other sites to round out my wish list. The reality is that I've reached the final acceptance stage of admitting that I don't need new workout clothes--well, at least, non-running workout clothes. There are a few things I'd like to have for winter running, but if I can't run in it, I don't need it and won't be buying it. Okay, I'm going to show you a little bit of my addiction. This is my tights drawer (sorry it's a bit messy; I haven't re-folded and arranged in a while), and it doesn't include some of the cold weather tights that are packed away. As you can see, I don't need any more tights!

Still, I love workout clothes. If I worked full-time in the fitness industry or didn't work at all and just spent my days running, hiking, and doing yoga (wow, that sounds like heaven), I would buy all these things. In reality, I won't buy any of them, so I'll have to be satisfied with sharing my fantasy shopping list with you.

First, I have to say how impressed I am with the innovative styles and beautiful prints that Fabletics has been releasing this year. If I were just starting to build my workout or athleisure wardrobe, I'd do it with mostly Fabletics items. It is killing me to press the "skip this month" button because there are so many things I love. I even have a credit for a free outfit AND 10% off because it's my birthday month, and I am still resisting (though I do have a few more days to decide). I wear my Fabletics for non-running workouts, casual activity, and lounging, and I just don't need any more of those things.

There's a new crop and tights in this gorgeous Romantic Print (the site would not give me a decent photo of this; sorry!) Purple, orange, grey--are you kidding me? I love this print so much! But, alas, I just wouldn't wear it that much.

Another print I'm loving is this Cropped Sunfield Legging by Onzie available from Anthropologie.

But the floral print on these Lovina Leggings, from Anthropologie's Pure + Good brand, is probably my favorite.

Speaking of interesting prints, there was a great review on the Agent Athletica blog of Werkshop crops. If you like unique prints, check out Werkshop! They have a kale print I love, but if I could have any I'd pick Honeycomb, a galaxy print with a honeycomb overlay.

For an edgier look, I love the Ultra Croma Chainmail Print Legging from Ultracor on Carbon 38, though I don't love the hefty $185 price tag.

And of course I need to highlight a few things from my favorite I-can't-afford-it brand, Michi. If I paired the Psyche Leggings ($195)...

...with the Amp Tank ($89)...

...I'd have a pretty good look that says, "Get the f*!# out of my way! I'm crossing the finish line and will then start pole dancing!"

Also on Carbon 38, I love Onzie's Triangle Bra.

Rounding out my list is this to-and-fro Backview Pullover from Splits 59 on Anthropologie.

Speaking of Splits 59, they are offering 35% off this weekend, and these are the things that are most tempting me. I don't typically like color blocking, but their Jordan Perfomance Full Length Tight is calling to me. UPDATE: The 35% off is only on select styles, not these. 

And the Olivia Matrix Performance Run Tee is something I could run it and is unlike anything I already have. This one is something I might consider getting since the 35% off promo makes it a great deal.

Well, it was fun to go fantasy shopping. Do you have any fantasy items that you don't really need or are too expensive to buy? Whether your holiday weekend includes shopping or not, I hope it's a good one!