BCHM Training: Week 4

Another great week of training for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon using the Hanson's half marathon method is in the books. It's still early in the plan, but I'm still feeling great, both mentally and physically. I completed my first week of six runs and first speed workout. I did three sessions of strength training, one of yoga, and daily stretching. Weekly mileage was 34.75, with 7 hours and 19 minutes of running. My July monthly total was 87.95. Here's a breakdown of the week.

Easy run: 4 miles, 54:54, 13:44
It was 71 degrees and very humid. I kept my pace on the slow side of my easy range to save up energy for Tuesday's speed workout.

Primary color day!
Athleta Saffron Red Chi Tank & Yellow Skirt
VSX Bluberry Marl Bra
Lulu Mesh Bangbuster

Speed workout: 7.75 miles in 1:37
The first speed workout of the plan was 12 x 400 repeats with 400 recovery at 10K pace (9:55). I nailed it!
Excited that I conquered 12 x 400s!
Luly Pretty Purple/Iris Flower Stripe What the Sport Singlet
Pretty Purple All Sport Bra & Bangbuster
White Hit Your Stride Skirt

Rest day! I did 25 minutes of yoga hip openers.

Easy run: 4 miles, 54:59, 13:46
Oof! It was 78 degrees and very humid, with Wednesday's 92-degree heat still lingering. I forgot to do my ritual to ensure I get a good night's sleep (basically, repeating "I will sleep through the night" as I fall asleep) so lost some sleep when I woke in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep. I was exhausted in the morning, and when I saw it was so hot and humid I decided to switch my easy and tempo runs. This will be the last week I can do that, since Saturday's run was to be easy instead of the workouts that will start next week. I forgot to take a Salt Stick before my run, and the heat and humidity just made this run all sorts of sucky.
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In the afternoon I did 20 minutes of legs, glutes, and core strength training.

Tempo run: 5 miles, 59:47
I had the day off and slept in a bit. It was 68 but not bad when I went out. I had 3 miles at target race pace (10:59) on the schedule and my goal was to be consistent and as close to 10:59 as possible. I realized something on this run. A 10:59 pace actually feels comfortable, but mentally I think that means I'm going too slow, so I want to speed up. But then I speed up too much and then need to slow down, and it's a battle for the right pace the whole run. Overall though this pace felt much better than my first try last week. I met my goal for consistent splits. Too bad they weren't the right pace! Splits: 10:53, 10:53, 10:53.
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In the evening was the Liberty Mile race Downtown. I ran it last year, and it was the most painful 8 minutes of my life, so I had no desire to run it this year. It was the first year they offered a wave to run with your dog, and I considered running with Django but if it was really hot he wouldn't want to run. Instead, I decided to spectate. I pulled out an old dress--the Pack Anywhere Dress from Athleta (a few odd sizes of which are still on sale)--I haven't worn since last summer and was happy to discover how loose it fit. This is what I look like with real clothes on. :-)
Athleta Black Pack Anywhere Dress
I wasn't trying for a glamour shot here. A breeze picked
up as I was trying to get a side view. :)
I walked from my house to Downtown to meet my husband and go out to dinner. We went to an Indian restaurant where I had yellow dal. Mmm! Then we walked over to see the start of the first wave. That started my cheering frenzy that lasted about two hours. I had a sore throat afterwards!
Cheering the runners!
The course goes up one street and then down another, so we walked over to the other street to cheer people right before the finish. First I saw Shaun, who seemed to be really close to the front of the pack. I was excited and screamed my head off for him. Not too far behind was Steff, and I screamed like crazy for her too. She looked great, and I was excited for her too! Next came Chelsea and then Joanna, who was running it with her sister-in-law, who was running it as her first race! I was so happy for all of them, and they all heard me cheering for them. Well, probably everyone heard me cheering because I was so loud! The next wave was the kids' wave, and it was the cutest thing ever. We were standing at the 100-meter mark, and almost all the kids started sprinting their hearts out to the finish. I could learn something from them! There were some really little kids--I swear, like 3 years old--who were beyond cute. And I loved that they all looked at us in amazement with big smiles on their faces when they saw so many people were cheering for them. Next was the master's wave, and I saw Mike K. from Daily Mile gutting it out with clenched eyes and face. He said he's never felt worse during a race but was determined to finish strong. I was so impressed! Next was a wave where you had to qualify with a sub-6 time to run it. Clara Santucci, the female winner of this year's Pittsburgh Marathon, was the female winner in this wave with a 4:56:90 time. Next up was the women's pro mile, which Heather Kampf won with a time of 4:32:59. Last up was the men's pro mile. I was rooting for the defending champ Jordan McNamara and was cheering for him loudly when I saw him in the lead approaching the finish time. But then....what's this? Who is this Greek god in second place? I had to look him up afterwards, but it was Mac Fleet. Okay, first, the name. Mac Fleet. Does it get any better than that for a runner? Second, well, let me just post a pic here.
Mac Fleet from The Oregonian
Jordan won with a time of 3:58:90 and Mac was second with 3:58:93.
Mac Fleet and Jordan McNamara, posted by Liberty Mile

After the race, Heather and Jordan ran out to give high fives and take pictures with the fans. Heather was absolutely gorgeous. I look like I'm on the brink of death when I finish a race, but here she just won a race and she couldn't be more beautiful. Fans were swarming her, and little girls were getting her to sign their race bibs. So cute!

And then, before I knew it, Mac Fleet was there too! And, like, coming my way! My phone had died at this point so I started yelling at my husband to get a picture. And then, he was right in front of me! I was stunned into complete silence. I am not shy talking to just about anyone, but I just couldn't move. I didn't high five him, and I didn't get his picture. Damn! Too bad I was stunned--and am an old married woman--or I would have asked him if I could towel off his sweat. ;-)

When I saw the race results, I saw that there were only two dogs who ran, and the first one came in at 10:49. I definitely want to run it with my dog next year! Maybe we can win it, which may be my only shot at winning a race wave, ha ha. Overall, this was such a fun night--much more fun to spectate than to run it!

Easy run: 9 miles, 1:48, 12:03 pace
I met Amanda early, at 6:30, at North Park, where she planned to run 5 miles with me. This was to be my last long run at an easy pace. For the rest of the plan, my long runs will be either 10 or 12 miles and will be a moderate pace, 12:16 as the book prescribes for me. I've never run moderate-paced long runs and was a little worried that I'd be able to do it. So after Amanda left me, I picked up the pace to make sure I could do it. I had no problems! My splits from miles 6-9 were 11:55, 11:40, 11:50, and 11:23, and that's on a hilly course. This was a really great confidence booster, and I felt great afterwards.
Lulu Aquamarine Runner Up Tank
Black Pace Rival Skirt I
Black Run for Days Bra
White Run Visor (not shown)

After I got home I did 10 minutes of upper body strength training followed by stretching and foam rolling.

Easy run: 5 miles, 1:04, 12:54 pace
It was 64 with low humidity and was a beautiful morning. This was a nice, easy, relaxed run.
Oiselle Burgundy Vertical Drop Tank
Athleta Heathered Black Relay Skirt

Afterwards I did 25 minutes of legs, glutes, and core strength training.

Happy running and working out this week!

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