Weekly Recap: June 29 - July 5 + WV Trip

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July weekend!

Last week was mostly a rest week before starting my new training plan this week. My plan was a few short, easy runs, some yoga, and one strength training session, and I did that. Total weekly mileage was 6.2. I also did hiking and exploring in West Virgina over the 4th.

I did 20 minutes of hip opening yoga poses.

Easy run: 3.2 miles, 40:33, 12:56 pace
A cool morning at just 65F. I am loving these cool mornings!
Athleta Chi Tank & Relay Skort
I did 25 minutes of strength training.

Easy run: 3 miles, 35 minutes, 11:32 pace
It's been such a struggle to keep my heart rate in the easy zone on my easy days. On this day, I just ran instead of trying to keep in my easy range. It felt good to not worry about my heart rate for once!
Lulu Very Light Flare Cool Racerback &
Athleta Dress Blue Skort

Later in the afternoon we packed up our stuff and the dog and drove down to our rental house in West Virginia. Heaven! 40+ private, secluded acres, a hot tub, a fire pit, a big deck with grill and comfy furniture, a fenced-in yard for the dog, trails that go through the property to take the dog on little walks throughout the day, and close to lots of other places in WV. We rented this house last year and were excited to get back this year.
Are we there yet?

Our home away from home on 40+ private acres
Interior view from the loft bedroom
Walking Django on the trails on the property
Spent a lot of time watching wildlife from the deck

We drove toward cute, artsy little Thomas WV and to Blackwater Falls State Park. There we took a hike to the Lindy Point lookout.
Django and me at Lindy Point
Dave, Django, and me at Lindy Point
Love Dave's picture of Lindy Point!
It was a short hike, so we stopped next at Blackwater Falls Lodge and hiked for a bit on a rocky trail with pretty views of little waterfalls. Next we stopped in the small town of Davis to get burritos at Hellbender Burritos. They have delicious options with homemade seitan and tofu, and we always stop there when we're in the area. We ate at a picnic pavilion before heading back to our house, where we relaxed in the hot tub and Django got to run around in the yard and enjoy a bone.
We had no cell phone reception so navigated the old-school way.

Django eating a bone in the yard

On Saturday we drove south to Green Bank, home of one of the world's largest radio telescopes and an area that is off-the-grid because electronics aren't permitted in the telescope zone. Here's an article from National Geographic about it.
View of the telescope from the road
Next we stopped in the small town of Durbin.
Django enjoying the scenic driving
Durbin train station
Old steam engine
Django in Durbin
Next we stopped in Cass, home to another scenic railroad. Kass was interesting because the sidewalks were a raised wooden boardwalk of sorts.
Cass train station
Cass Scenic Railroad
In Cass, streets are connected by wooden steps, and sidewalks are wooden.
Django gets a lot of attention in general, but apparently people in West Virgina have never seen a greyhound, because he was getting nonstop attention. I wish we would have kept count of how many people came up to us to meet him and ask about him. Before we would get out of the car, I would tell Django, "Okay, try not to attract so much attention this time," but I guess he didn't listen. I think between the excitement of being away from home and seeing so many things and meeting so many people, he would be zonked out when we got back to our place.
Relaxing on the deck after a day of exploring

We drove home, making just a brief stop in Fairmont to walk Django. We were all tired when we got home, but I was happy to see my kitties again!

It was such a fun trip away, and now I'm so happy to have the day off to recuperate. I feel really rested and rejuvenated and can't wait to start training this week. I'll have a post on my new training plan in the next few days.

Happy running and working out this week!

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