Goals Update for August + Random Things

Happy Friday! It's the last day of July, which means we're that much closer to summer being over--yay! Okay, okay, I know I'm a big old Grinch when it comes to the sun and heat, but I think I've been pretty good about not complaining about THE ABSOLUTE WORST SUMMER WEATHER I CAN EVER REMEMBER, right? ;-)

It's time to check on monthly goals, but I also wanted to share some random thoughts since I haven't done that in a while. We'll start with goals, first looking at how I did in July.

July Goals

1. Start training for fall half marathons.
Yes! I decided to go with the Hanson's Half Marathon plan and am following that for the Buffalo Creek Half Marathon in October. However, I decided I am not going to also do a November half marathon to instead work on speed. I'll be posting my updated race schedule soon.

2. Continue focusing on strength training.
Yes! I committed to continuing the 3-4 sessions in July while my mileage is relative low, and I did that, with four sessions all but this last week.

3. Continue losing weight.
Yes! I lost just over 2 pounds, but it was a hard-fought battle. I stuck to Weight Watchers really well and did everything I should have done. It used to be that I could easily lose when I just followed the plan. Maybe it's because I'm older, but my body just seemed to be fighting me to keep the weight on. Still, I lost 6.5 pounds since the beginning of June, which brings me to 148 pounds, just 3 pounds over my goal weight of 145. I'm thrilled. I'm happy with my body--I have been working on a separate post about this--all my clothes fit me well again, and I feel great. But the thing is, I can't be more than 2 pounds over my goal weight or I have to pay for Weight Watchers. So this brings me to August goals...

1. Continue following the Hanson's plan. 
Hanson's is an intense plan with six runs a week that include three hard workouts and high mileage. I took a leap of faith in deciding to follow the plan because I thought it might be too tough for me. So, just following the plan is my biggest goal for August.

2. Continue strength training.
I'll continue strength training, but with six runs a week, it will have to be shorter sessions. I have started doing that already, replacing my 45-minute sessions with 25-minute sessions. Some days, I may only have time for 10 or 15 minutes. So my focus will really be what I can, when I can.

3. Stretch daily, do yoga, and use the foam roller.
I need to start ramping up injury prevention while following the plan. I already stretch daily and do regular yoga sessions, but I want to try to do it even more. One idea I have is to bring my yoga mat into my office and do 10 minutes of stretching at lunch, in addition to the stretching I do after I run. I'll continue to do yoga as I can. I want to add in using my foam roller after my long runs because I haven't been doing that.

4. Maintain my weight loss.
The Hanson's book says this about nutrition: "Training for a half-marathon is a major undertaking, and your caloric needs will be different than during periods of inactivity or casual exercise....Large calorie deficits can sabotage your training and performance, leading to issues such as overtraining, illness, and injury....The athletes who are afraid of eating too much tend to also be the ones who end up feeling burned-out or injured." I know that when I was running higher mileage in the winter, eating a lot of high-quality carbs helped keep me fueled and strong for workouts. So I know that I cannot keep trying to lose weight. But on the flip side, I gained weight during the last training because I ate more in general, not just more fuel. So, maintaining my weight loss is going to be my primary goal. I will be eating more, but my other goal will be to ensure those extra calories are fuel for my workouts, not candy and chips and crap that isn't good fuel. It's possible that I can lose that 1 pound while I'm working out just how much more I can eat and not gain, because it's not going to be a ton of extra food. Plus, I'm getting into the higher mileage parts of the plan and that may lead to a loss too. If so, great. But maintenance will be my main goal.

Random Things

Now the fun random stuff!



Tell me something random going on with you!

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