Fit Review: Lululemon Wee Are From Space Silver Spoon Special Edition Wunder Under Crops

It was love at first sight when I saw the new Wee Are From Space (WAFS) Silver Spoon Special Edition Wunder Under Crops (WUCs)--the WAFS pattern that I've always loved, the pretty silver and black color, the unique detail at the hem. I did not need them but just couldn't resist ordering them Tuesday night when they were uploaded to the Lululemon website. My plan was to adore them at home, talk myself out of keeping them, and return them. I got them today and am doubting my power to return them. They are just perfect. So gorgeous. So flattering. So comfortable. But I still do not need them...

First, let's talk fabric. It's very soft, thick, and completely opaque. The opacity may be partly due to the fabric and partly due to the pattern, but I could not see even a hint of my panties. The fabric is essentially the good old Luon that Lulu fans love. The fabric in the bottom part must be light Luxtreme. It's a solid silver spoon color and more stretchy than I thought it would be. A spiral mesh strip is between the Luon and Luxtreme fabrics. The seams connecting them are flat and not itchy. There is a seam that runs down the back of each leg that I think is slimming and flattering.

Okay, now fit. I ordered size 6, which is what I normally wear in Lulu tights (Wunder Unders and Speed Tights). The fit was true to size and perfect. Not too tight or loose. I was worried that the bottom Luxtreme part would be too tight on my large calves, but it wasn't. Like I said, it's stretchy and comfortable. Like all Wunder Unders, they are slightly compressive in that they're flattering, but not overly compressive so as to be uncomfortable. They are super comfortable.

As for function, the only really functional detail is the ability to leave them high-waisted or roll them down. I have one other pair of roll-down WUCs, and I like the option. I usually wear them high-waisted during workouts, but in summer I don't like anything tight on my belly so tend to wear them rolled down in summer. With the roll-down option, though, you do lose the waist pocket, so these are pocketless.

All this wonderfulness cost $92. I was one of the lucky ones who got a pair, as they sold out on the website pretty quickly.

I'm very reluctant to pay a lot for workout clothes I can't run in. When I can wear running clothes for other workouts and casual wear, it's almost a no-brainer to buy them. I guess you can run in WUCs. I mean, I know people do. I guess I've never tried because I have so many other bottoms geared toward running with more technical details, like reflectivity, venting, and pockets. But, let's just say I won't run in these. Sure, I can wear them for yoga and strength training...which I generally do at home where only the cats see me. And yes, I can wear them casually. I think they'd be really cute with a tunic. But do I really want to spend $92 for crops that I will only occasionally wear out?

On the other hand, these may be my very favorite crops ever. I just looooove them. I don't have any like them, with the interesting detail at the hem, and I've said recently that I have so many workout clothes that something really needs to be special for me to buy it. These are definitely special. And, they will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

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To keep or not to keep? That's my dilemma. Thoughts?

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