Fabletics Picks for July

I'm a Fabletics VIP member but haven't ordered anything in months, even though I had a credit to use. I just didn't see anything I wanted. Enter July--so much I love! It was hard to pare down and choose this month. I should note that I didn't order anything for running but instead for other activities and casual wear.

The item I was most excited about when I saw it on preview were orange seamless crops. Orange! Seamless! Two things I love! I was really bummed to see when I logged in that they are actually not seamless. And, they are not currently available but can be pre-ordered. Fabletics starting offering pre-orders this year, and I don't like it. When you pre-order, it doesn't count toward your monthly purchase, and you don't know when you'll actually get it. So while I still love the orange color of these crops, I'll wait to get these next month if they're available then.

Fabletics has some really cute prints lately. Here are two new prints this month that I thought were really cute. I don't like prints on tight, though, so I passed on these.

Mesh! I love open, airy, mesh tops in summer, and I thought this new top was really cute (the front is not sheet like the back). But when I looked closer, I realize it's a large mesh and would likely snag easily, so I passed on this as well.

You know I'm a big fan of Lululemon's run tights because they have oodles of pockets, including two at the sides to stash multiple things for long runs. Well, Fabletics has joined the side-pocket party with a new run crop that has zippered side pockets. I was tempted to try these, but the orange details limit what I could pair with them. Plus, I usually wear skirts instead of crops for summer runs. So this was another pass. Cute though!

And how cute is this Carlsbad Top? I love the pink but it also comes in one of the new prints. Love it, but am putting it on my wish list for a future month.

But I still got some cute things! I ordered the Makena outfit ($59.95). It includes Salar Crops, Charlotte Tee, and Malinda Bra.

I got the crops in a dark grey. I wear grey a lot and don't have crops this length in grey, so I'll get a lot of use out of them. They are the same style of crops as the orange color, so I'll also get to see if I like them and can then decide if I want to order the orange too.

Instead of getting a black bra, I got one in Azalea Pink. I don't have many bras that have standard straps (most are racerback), and I think the pink will be cute with the yellow top.

I also ordered the Tropez Bra ($24.95). I got the new tropical print. I love how there are some pops of color from the print on the back, which will look cute with a number of different open-back tanks I have.

Lastly, I ordered the Taylor Tank II ($19.95). I really love both the color (Ivy) and the style. I'm curious to see how this turns out. Fabletics has some really cute styles that look good in the model photos but haven't worked for me in real life.

Because I had a credit from returning a few things, I got these five pieces for just $22.44!!! Gotta love Fabletics! I will post a follow-up fit review once I get them.

Did you order anything this month? Want to try Fabletics? You can get your first outfit for just $25, and you can cancel at any time. So even if you just get the first outfit and cancel, it's a great deal. If you do decide to try Fabletics, I'd appreciate if you used my referral link.